Cairo: Summer, 1941

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    I've been skimming and reading odd sections of the following publication:

    Shabash--149: The War Story if the 149th Regigment R.A. 1939-45 by E.W. Capleton.

    Family Soldiers [1/4th Essex & 25 Field Regiment R.A.]

    As I remarked on the thread above, it's very well-written--soldiers don't always make the best writers--and I thought that this charming vignette of the atmosphere of Cairo in 1941 deserved a wider circulation.

    20170807_003514_resized.jpg 20170807_003617_resized.jpg 20170807_003645_resized.jpg 20170807_003706_resized.jpg 20170807_003528_resized.jpg
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