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    During Operation Buckland and the assault over the River Senio in Italy a 'cable ropeworks' was erected over which jeeps and guns were slung. I am looking for a photograph or diagram of this or similar ropeworks.
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    I know nothing about the 'cable ropeworks' you have mentioned , but it it may have been similar in principle to the Khyber Ropeway, in use between 1919 and 1925, in the Khyber Pass, then British India, now Pakistan. Some details in the FIBIS Fibiwiki page Khyber Ropeway Company

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    Think 'Royal Tournament' (if you're old enough to remember it!)
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    Here's a drawing from the 1945 RE Pocketbook on Bridging - hope it helps

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    I had a look in the book 'Royal Engineers in the Italian Campaign' and I didn't see it mentioned there. I suspect it was set up by divisionsl engineers to secure the bridgehead before the main bridges were up.
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    Thanks all. I got the info from the booklet 'One More River - The Story of the 8th Indian Division'. It was the Mahratta Anti Tank regiment that slung it over before other bridges could be erected.
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    My fathers unit 626 Fld Sqdn built a cableway accross the Santerno near Fontanelice in December 1944, it was used for moving casulties from the dressing station at Casa Nola

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