'C' Company, 1st Battalion South Lanchashire Regisment, June/July 1944

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    Hi, I am trying to find information on my late father who served in 'C' Company, 1st Battalion, South Lancashire Regiment and was on the D-Day Landings, before being injured and admitted to Canadian General Hospital Number 4, on the 11th July, 1944.

    His name was, Pvt 14674933, Kenneth Hardman, 22 years of age. Lived in Widnes at the time and joined up at Formby.

    He was definately in 'C' Company and landed on Sword Beach. We know he was admitted to The Canadian General Hospital Number 4 on the 11th July, 1944 and was then returned to England.

    My dad died when I was very young and I have no knowledge of him or information during the time he was in the Army.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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    Eddy, i've researched the WW2 casualties of both Widnes and the South Lancs Regiment, but don't have any information specifically on your father. However I can tell you that on the 11th June the Regt were fighting the battle that was known as La Landel.

    According to the war diary the battalion suffered one man killed and 9 men wounded on the 11th June. The casualties appear to have been the result of Air burst shelling around 16:00 hours,

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    Pvt is an American term.
    British abbreviation for Private is Pte.
    I know I keep mentioning this everytime I see it but it bugs me.
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    Can we clarify, injured in June or July?


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