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    Greetings, A contact has sent me a photo of her late father's bush hat. The usual story of a soldier who did not talk about his war, but was known to have served in Burma..... I will give the appropriate advice re applying for service records but in the meantime, the divisional (?) badge on the side of said hat might give a clue to those in the know. There are no other photos or badges etc.See photo below.
    Thanks in advance for any help. The name of the soldier was Thomas William Lancaster.

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  3. Shiny 9th

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    Owen, Oh thanks, I really could not make it out now. Seems likely this man was in 2nd Worcesters then, unless attached to one of Indian Rgts. Thats a start!

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    Is there something that is pointing you towards 2 Worc R? There were several other British units in 19 Ind Div, including; 2 R Berks, 2 Welch, 115 Fd Regt, 28 Fd Regt and 33 Atk Regt. There would also be British Officers and other ranks scattered throughout the Indian units of the division.
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    No, was just a bit hasty scanning down the Order of Battle. The lady who inherited the hat will be applying for her father's service record. She is very happy to have had the information offered here.

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