Burma-India and the ‘forgotten’ Victoria Crosses

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  1. Wow -thanks for the info and rapid response.
    There is a splendid family photo of David on his horse jumping somewhere in India circa 1940 which I will dig out and upload if I can.
    He won the MC for getting a pilot out of a burning plane in Egypt, I think. Needed more action, hence his becoming a Chindit. Everyone who knew him (all gone now of course) seem to have nothing but good to say about him
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    Glad to be of help Charles, look forward to seeing the photo with any luck. David's MBE citation is attached:

    Monteith DJ. MC citation pg. 1.jpg Monteith DJ. MC citation pg. 2.jpg Monteith DJ. MC citation pg. 3.jpg
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    Here is the entry from the 77 Brigade Head Quarters War Diary dated 11th June 1944, that records David's death:

    Monteith death recorded 2.jpg
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    On a rather technical note, this is a citation for the award of the George Medal (subsequently amended to MBE) not the Miltary Cross. Technical because the courageous action was not in the presence of the enemy and therefore did not qualify for an MC.

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    Thanks Tim. I was working on material for several MC recipients last night and it obviously remained in my head when posting the above citation.


  6. Again Wow what you retrieved is quite extraordinary thansk Steve. The MC mislead was probably my error- as that is what I thought he had.
    Next mystery is what he was doing in Egypt as a Guidesman?
  7. Again Wow what you retrieved is quite extraordinary.
  8. Photo?:sorry just failed to send it.
  9. Bamboo/Steve do you have an E mail I can send the copied photos to- they don't want to be uploaded by me!
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    Hi Charles,

    I have used the forum messaging service to send you my email address. You should receive a notification from the forum to your own email.

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    Hard to say, but there are war diaries held and viewable by visiting the National Archives at Kew, London. There is one for the time period and location of his award of the MBE here:

    Indian Cavalry and Royal Armoured Corps: 10 Guides Cavalry | The National Archives

    There are two others with references:

    WO169/3404 for 1941 and WO169/7722 for B Squadron in 1942. Of course, David may not have been with this particular unit.
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    With the permission of Charles, here is a family photograph of David Monteith taken in 1938:

    Monteith D. 1938 edit 2.jpg
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    Hello guys, I have been off here for a year or two but good to see you all. I have given away my material for the the book but if Charles Monteith is here there is an account of my father’s time with him during op Thursday in “Before the Show” My father had a good friendship with David and much admiration. Was devastated when he was killed. Haven’t found any other accounts of this.
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    Great to see you back zahonado.
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    Thanks Steve, good to see your site is up...enjoyed reading it, and found it very informative. I guess lockdown means that everyone has even more time to research than usual!
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    I'm working as usual here, whilst the rest of my team is on furlough. Most will be back to work as normal by the second week of June. Hope all is well.:)
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    Just to add for Charles’ benefit...I also have photos of Pinhmi bridge from my trip there.
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    Good to hear from you, Za... but what do you mean by given away the material for your book...?
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    Hi HC, I passed on all my CDs with records of 77 brigade and 69LAA from Kew to someone, maybe back to Drew or one of you, can’t remember. Original draft plus other material with the ww2 experience centre in Wetherby ( my father made a recording with them) various other bits and pieces shared around, medals etc with family. Moving required something of a cull. However as I am revisiting some of it I realise that the records such as Steves extracts above make extraordinary reading and I wish I still had them.
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    Hi Charles, sorry it has taken a while, but I have had my sights on other things. Yes I do have photos of the bridge... somewhere. I have a box full of photographs from both 2003 & 4. When I find some I will post them for you. In the mean time here is the Google Earth shot of the bridge.

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