Burma 1941-1944

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    Hi there,
    I am new to this and am trying to find out about my father James William Shearer who served in the Seaforthe in Burma in WW2.
    Any pointers on how and where to get info would be gratefully received.
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    Welcome and enjoy.!!! If he was in Burma he would have been serving with 1st battalion Seaforth Highlanders.
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    February 41, 1st Seaforth's left Malaya for India and escaped the fate of other British troops captured when the Japanese invaded Malaya. Arrival in India and stationed at Agra. When the Japanese invaded Burma, they were sent to protect the Border, between Assam and Burma. Supposedly a temporary measure, they stayed there for two and a half years. They did a lot of long range patrolling into Burma, as far as the Chindwin River. Partly as a diversion for the Chidits air landings. 1944 would see them involved in bitter fighting aound Kohima and Imphal.
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    A good starter would be to obtain his records from the records office... a slow process but inexpensive but does confirm a number of items...

    And welcome, btw...

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