Bunkers and blockhouses.

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    Apart from the well documented enplacements on the cliff tops are there other bunkers/blockhouses in Normandy and surrounding area.
    I have'nt received Major and Mrs Holt's guide yet so if its anything like their guide to the Ypres Salient they will all be on there.
    My apologies if this post is premature.

    Regards T.
  2. the_historian

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  3. Trevster

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    Thats great, thanks Gordon.
  4. sapper

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    Hillman, huge place in 1944, it was 650 metres by 450 metres in length and width.
    We use it for a base for a while. But in between the gun positions NOT INSIDE!
    There is a Hillman preservation society run from Hermanville I think.
    Lt Arthur Heal RE the Hero of Hillman was dedicated to the restoration of Hillman.
  5. the_historian

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    I still haven't managed yet to look for the replicas of 'Hillman' and 'Morris' which you guys built around Moffat before D-Day. I'll try and get down over the summer and let you know what I find.

    Here's a link to photos of an Atlantic Wall replica built by 3rd Div. at Sheriffmuir, Dunblane in 1943-
    Military Archaeology - Page 4 - World War II Forums
    There are others at Hankley Common in Surrey and Castlemartin in Pembrokeshire, but this is the most complete.
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    Interesting and great pictures and info too, thanks guys.
  7. asiotye

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    My father-in-law Bill Taylor was with 174 Workshop and Park RE and he says that a company of Canadians Engineers helped them build the Atlantic Wall replica at Hankley Common in the summer of 1943, which I am trying to investigate so any information would be helpful.

    I am also interested on his behalf in the suggestions that a replica of Hillman was built near Moffat. Is there any more information than that please?

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