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Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Bunker, May 9, 2007.

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    How DARE you Shane Greer!! hehe :D But, you are correct, in a ways. I have no doubt, and I have played, many many ww2 rts and fps games, but no MMO type ww2 games except the Battlefield Europe WW2 online game. We plan to make this a bit more personal, with better graphics and lots more advancement etc. Not bashing BF Europe Online at ALL, its a good game ours will just be different. ;)

    Well, Bunker went off into the wings as I worked on other things and so did other members of the 'team' (team being me and one programmer mainly).

    So, that being said Bunker is coming back, into...umm, the wings? Bunker will be not a FPS (first person shooter) but rather a MMO (massively multiplayer game), with capturable points such as the "Farmhouse" area, and "Bridge" area's etc. I am just throwing out names, it would be great you get your opinions on cool maps we can make as the Farmhouse is the only one we have so far.

    Anyways, Bunker has about 6 classes as mentioned before, including an engineer class with bouncing bettys.

    One question we do have is, who normally would carry the Bazooka's and Panzershreck's? Could the engineer's possibly carry it?

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    More questions...

    We currently have two tanks in the works. The Allied 'Sherman' and the Axis 'Panzer'. Would these be two similar tanks to throw down on a battlefield, without getting too heavy into the details of them?

    Or maybe the Sherman and Tiger?

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