Bunker: Battle for Normandy

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Bunker, May 9, 2007.

  1. Bunker

    Bunker Member

    Hah, I was just starting to model that out when I read your reply. The only thing I dont have is the canteen. I also dont have the pale brown thin bag that looks almost like a document/map bag. Is that needed?

    Here is the latest German Rifleman. Please tell me what you think. I know his colors are probably not exact, but I see a lot of variation out there anyways. I also havent added any dirt/grime to him, or his items.


    and the MP40, which he won't be carrying right off the bat. Most likely they will start off with a Kar.

  2. Hawkeye90

    Hawkeye90 Senior Member

    Good stuff Bunker. I suggest adding more of a brim on the stalhelm.

  3. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Looks good, Greg.
    Just don't put SS on it. :)
  4. Bunker

    Bunker Member

    Understood on not putting SS on it. I assume thats the SS symbol you are showing me to watch out for ;) I need a add dangling chinstraps to all the helmets atm.

    Hawkeye, good eye, I will size out the rim of the helmets.
  5. conman44

    conman44 Junior Member

    I love the mp40 great job on model and texture ;)
  6. kfz

    kfz Very Senior Member

    It is it looks great, is the grip a little sharp, should the lower edges be more round??
  7. Bunker

    Bunker Member

    Yeah, I guess I made the edge look sharp. I really just wanted some detail on it. Remember you will never see them this close-up. I can't round the edge of the handle because I want to keep the polycount low for faster loads on everything.
  8. Bunker

    Bunker Member

    Heres some shots from over the weekend testing some simple combat.

  9. kfz

    kfz Very Senior Member

    Yout doing nice job here Bunker. Whats the deal witrh the game, you got us all interested.

  10. Bunker

    Bunker Member

    Well, right now its just a test area and you can walk up to someone and pop them in the face. Ranged combat is not in right now. Once there is a little bit more to the combat, classes, and terrain and a good area to test in, then I will find a place to host the server *cry* and have you guys come to shoot at eachother.

    Bunker right now is really in its pre-pro/alpha stages right now. I'm glad you guys are interested though, thats a huge motivater.
  11. marcus69x

    marcus69x I love WW2 meah!!!

    Looking good Greg!
  12. marcus69x

    marcus69x I love WW2 meah!!!

    Will it look anything like this? :indexCA7C9VES::indexCA7C9VES: :m12: :m13: :m13: :m12: :m4: :m11: :m11: :m3: :m3: :m9: :m8: :m8: :m6: :m1: :m1: :indexCA7C9VES: :indexCAGHJY15: :indexCAGHJY15: :indexCAGHJY15: :indexCAGHJY15: :marine8point: :marine8point:

    :loldevil: Only kidding.
  13. Bunker

    Bunker Member

    omg, thats hilarious. Yes, thats what it looks like exactly, minus the 'LoL devil' at the end. :)
  14. ww2vault

    ww2vault Junior Member

    Looking really nice there Bunker! This might be a really interesting game when you get it done. I can't wait for you to open it up for testing! :)

    On a side note I am a Web Designer and I would be more then happy to build a website for the game. That way people could keep in tabs on what is new and how the game is progressing. Look forward to hearing from you.

    - Jeff
  15. Bunker

    Bunker Member

    Thanks for the comments guys. Here is some dev on the weapons for each class. The rifleman pretty much is the all-around weapon guy. He will also be able to use mostly all the rifles and assault guns.

    Should I give the US medic a pistol or revolver?

  16. MyIdolRommel

    MyIdolRommel Junior Member

    Colt .45 for Americans unless im wrong

    BTW the game looks great I find it very interesting that its going be an MMO Keep It Up
  17. Run N Gun

    Run N Gun Discharged

    The game looks so awsome. Also, could you make a death animation where the guy gets shot...looks down at his chest area (where the wound is) and looks back up with a suprised face (kinda like Holy sh*t im hit) and then he just falls to the ground. I dunno I think it would look cool. Also, are you planning on selling the game?
  18. trumpetplayer992

    trumpetplayer992 Senior Member

    Ragdoll physics anyone?
  19. Run N Gun

    Run N Gun Discharged

    You'd need to use real advanced game engine to put ragdoll physics in.

    Oh, and remember, graphics isn't everything. The best part of the game is the gameplay. Leave the players on the edge of their seats.
  20. trumpetplayer992

    trumpetplayer992 Senior Member

    How about intelligent A.I.? Not like overpowered comrades, I'm talking about they flee when outnumbered, and get a type of "shell shock"

    also, battles would be nice if they were in masses, and you didn't go from house to house

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