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Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Bunker, May 9, 2007.

  1. Bunker

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    Here are a few quick shots of Bunker. Don't get discouraged by these screenshots ;)


  2. Owen

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    A Tiger and a Sherman

    Please don't do a Tiger, anything but.
    The Tigers were over on the British sector.
  3. Bunker

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    We're still unsure about including the vehicles at this point, so it might not even come about. I am told we could make a Panzer instead if that would fit better. Remember though we are kinda 'cludging' some elements together so the game won't be 100% historically accurate. For instance, I think on the Allied side you will be able to choose British as well and as far as I know Americans and Brits didn't fight in the same areas(?). So we will be stretching things a bit. Also areas you fight in won't have official names, besides names like "TheFarm", just incase we place a Hedgerow in the wrong spot.

    Btw, don't get offended if I say something thats not historically correct, I am just an Artist (caveman). Jeff the designer hasn't been given access to the site so he can't come in here and backhand me yet verbally on things I say. ;)
  4. Gerard

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    Please don't do a Tiger, anything but.
    The Tigers were over on the British sector.
    Mark IV's are much more accurate and more plentiful than Tigers.
  5. Owen

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    Jeff the designer hasn't been given access to the site

    Sorry, did we block his membership? must have mistaken him for a spammer.
    Bunker PM me with his name and email and I'll reinstate him.
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    @Gotthard. Ahh, gotcha. I will look into them. It really has to be something that is balanced with the Sherman. Well, not to get into it really, but I guess the Shermans just outnumbered the German tanks as far as I heard(?). Either way, we will have to make it somewhat balanced. I can't see vehicles being a big part of the game anyways. I would rather have infantry battles, but I am sure vehicles will be around to some degree.

    I forgot to mention that we did add an Engineer class. The Engineer would play a support/defense role. He will be capable of laying Anti-Personnel mines as well as Anti-Vehicle mines. Maybe he will carry a grease gun? Seems fitting from playing "Company of Heroes" but I am not sure how accurate it is. ;)
  7. ErikH

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    I'm not sure if anyone pointed this out, but to be specific those are Canadians, not British.

    I've got a bunch of 3d tanks I would be willing to donate to the project. Get into contact with me some time if you're interested in using them.

    Click me

    I also have a bunch of WW2 weapons, WW2 buildings and textures that I can donate.

    Click me

    I never got around to using them myself, maybe they can go to good use now. If you need them that is.
  8. Bunker

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    doh! Thanks for the headsup. Glad I didn't start working on their gear. I will try to find some good British reference today.

    Those are some great links! Those models/textures would free up a lot of time.
  9. Bunker

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    If anyone has any time can you look at this shot of the german soldier so far. I am having trouble deciding what colors his uniform should be as there are tons of reference out there. I haven't edited the pockets to be the german uniform pockets etc. and the straps etc have not been replaced. i was thinking of adding some green to his top, and have dark grey/green pants.

  10. Owen

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    Lose the eagle on his arm.That's where SS had theirs.
    You already have on eagle above pocket.
  11. Bunker

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    Ahh, very cool. I will snuff out the eagle today. I also have to change his pockets. His helmet is done also, I will post that a little later. Then on to the rest of his gear. This is the base german rifleman, so there will be a bunch of head/face and body variations you can choose from.

    Here he is, some detail on him. Tell me what you think, or if you see anything out of place:

  12. Owen

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  13. Bunker

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    You call my face scarey and you posted that pic? :) hehe. Kidding. I hope its not a relative or something. Good ref on the hairstyle.

    I guess you gave me just too much info on the uniforms. When I look at those pages I see so many combinations. Are you able to pick one uniforms and say "Here, this is what a German Rifleman just starting out as a Private would be wearing." If not no worries.

    So you are saying that the strips on his shoulder he shouldnt have, or the rank on his arm? Sorry again, I just don't know much about it, but I will.

  14. conman44

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    Great looking game ;)
  15. Owen

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    Sorry for any confusion.
    I'd keep the German soldier nice and simple just like the painting on my post #30. You can even leave off the Iron Cross ribbon on his button if you like.
    That photo in post #32 was just one off that site I linked to, no worries.
    What I meant by scary is how realistic a computer image can look nowdays.
    Good luck with the game.
  16. Bunker

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    Ok, I think I gotcha. So take off the rank from the sides of his arms, so the arm is bare. But I can leave the Strips on the top of his shoulders. If I still have it wrong maybe you can PM me ? ;)
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  17. spidge


  18. Bunker

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    nice site! ty.

    For the german riflemans gear so far I have some Kar ammo, MP40 ammo, a gas mask canister. I was also thinking a small bedroll. What else do you recommend, if anything? There is one black 'box' with a strap on it vertically that I am unsure of what it is, or if he should have it.
  19. Owen

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    There is one black 'box' with a strap on it vertically that I am unsure of what it is, or if he should have it.

    That would be the cleaning kit for the MG 34 & MG 42, leave it off.
  20. Owen

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