Bully Beef In Tobruk?

Discussion in 'North Africa & the Med' started by Gazz, May 16, 2020.

  1. Gazz

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    Here is one of my Dads photos (right hand side looking down) and 2 of his mates from the 4th Royal Tanks. It looks like they have found another use for bully beef, I have searched on line and can't seem to find a matching tin from that time. I know its a blurred pic but it looks like white writing on the top and a block of writing or picture underneath anybody have any ideas?, of course I maybe completely wrong and it may not be bully beef. I know Dad used to say it was not very appetising in the hot desert. The date on the back of the photo says Tobruk Dec 1941.
  2. Harry Ree

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    As a whole.I think bully beef was supplied in 7 lb tins to the troops.

    No doubt there may have been 1 lb cans issued in the field but generally the 7 lb tin was common for mass catering.
  3. Sheldrake

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    Won't tanks be issued with smaller sized tins for crew cooking
  4. idler

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    It's probably the one-man 'iron ration' 'bully beef and biscuits' size tin - the lid appears to be open, making it look larger. Thought I might have something on it but it's not revealing itself at the moment.
  5. Sheldrake

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    Looks like Libby's branding. The word at the top of the tin might be "Libbys". However it could be some cheap knock off brand manufactured somewhere in the middle east.
  6. Jack ValentiJ

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    Fairly new to your site. But I was always under the impression that the "Bully Beef" came in individual containers. It's possible that the "mess" halls would have larger containers, but the troops generally were issued individual cans. The opener was attached to the bottom. I would always get a "rash" from someone that said.... "The British didn't use Libby's Corned Beef". Then I would show them the next photo, which clearly shows a box (upside down) of Libby's Corned Beef . IMG_2712.JPG E 12411a Libbys Box.jpg
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    Re bully beef.
    Given the angle and shape of the chap's helmet, surely the tin would have slid off and not stayed put for a photo op, maybe it's spam, or maybe your dad has the can on a stick as his arms are not visible? good photo though. She
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