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  1. Nigel Tilley

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    The attached picture of my dad, Frederick Tilley, 102 Provost Company, Corps of Military Police, was taken whilst he was on leave in Leicester in 1941. Sorry about the quality of the image but this is the only one I have of him on his bike.
    I have got hold of a BSA M20 petrol tank and intend to restore it and apply the same makings that are in the photo. The tank will be a static display in my home.
    I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the 83 stood for and if it was likely to be painted straight onto the tank or onto a black square. Someone has told me that the latter is most likely to be the case?
    Thanks in anticipation
    Nigel Tilley, Leicester.

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  2. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian researcher

    Hi Nigel,

    Vehicles were given an Arm of Service marking to indicate their unit within a division, corps, etc. For instance within a decision were they in the most senior regiment, second most senior, etc.

    Glancing though the charts in a book, what jumps out to me is 83 was used for a Corps provost company and had a black background. The specified size was 9.5" high and 8.5" wide.

    The white bar near the top is part of it and should be 2" wide. In the diagrams here the bar is not QUITE at the top of the sign but a little bit below.
  3. Nigel Tilley

    Nigel Tilley Member

    Thanks Chris that's really useful, although the size for the black background seems a little large for the motorbike petrol tank ?
  4. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian researcher

    Yes, that's a point I'm not sure of. Maybe everything was scaled down to match the tank.

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