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    After our April commemoration service this year our local newspaper published several articles. One of these was seen by a member of a RAF reservist Squadron, their HAC.

    4626 Squadron made contact with us through the newspaper. The Squadron helps the regular RAF with medical evacuations in times of crisis. They are interested in the history of the wartime 626 Squadron which is one of the reasons they've called themselves '4626.'

    Last month two Flight Sergeants visited our group of friends in Colchester and presented us with a Squadron shield. We spent a few pleasant hours together and visited the airmen's memorial.

    Back in 2013 when the memorial pillar was unveiled we had a buffet afterwards at a nearby PH. We arranged to have some keepsakes printed up which we asked the relatives to sign underneath their respective crew member. This took some doing as I had about 50 of them printed up. (No such thing as a free lunch)! Most of these were given away on the day and over the last few years but I had a few left. We gave Claire and Vernon, the 4626 Flt Sgts, one of these which they have framed.They have now put a picture of this on their Face Book page. Link here

    Next April all being well we should have some representatives from 4626 Squadron join us to remember the crew of Lancaster UM-K2.

    With their recent visit we were quite impressed as Brize Norton in itself is a long drive. Flt Sgts. Claire and Vernon had an even longer day as they first had to drive to Brize Norton from their homes, which involved long distances and then come here.

    The Squadron's interest further cements the remembering of the men who died in 1944 and is most welcome.
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    This years commemoration service for the crew of the Lancaster was going to be held on Sunday 26th April at 11.a.m.

    It was hoped that we could have held a scaled down service but even this is not possible with the present highly unusual conditions. So sadly this is cancelled for this year.

    We will however ensure a wreath and new crosses are placed on the memorial as a mark of respect and continuity of remembering the airmen.
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    On Saturday two people from our group went to the memorial and placed a wreath and crosses there. My friend recited the exhortation and we stood for a moment to remember the crew.

    A couple of other people also decided they would like to show their respects and we obviously kept our distances.

    Earlier this year I recorded Michael Heath who saw the Lancaster just before it crashed all those years ago. I did this with a view to using the recording at the commemoration service.

    Instead I've put the recording onto YouTube. Link here for anyone interested:


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