Brits in 'Op Veritable' : ID of unit?

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    Thanks a lot Michel and Drew.

    Will need some time to digest the added info and have a look around in the area.

    Michel: the counter now stands at the stunning number of 50 in this serie of Veritable photos taken by Silk (most of them I'd never seen before).
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    Two stripes (?) indicates 46th Bde, to which 9th Cameronians belonged.
  3. This is the 29-photo series "Br. Offensive, Holland" by George Silk:,%20Holland?d.date_min=-786240000000&d.date_max=-783820800001&q.openId=date&v.filter=items&hl=en

    On the last photo:

    51 (Highland) Division's emblem is visible along with the AoS number 44, indicating 128 (Highland) Fd Regt RA.

    Another unit marking (AoS number 57) on this nicely modified ambulance jeep:

    Same number 57 on the carrier here, plus 55 on the jeep:

    Unfortunately the formation sign is not visible on either photo.

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    The real sad thing about the photographs is that the British casualties probably were caused by 'friendly' artillery fire. A quote from the War Diary of the 9th Cameronians:

    8 Feb 45

    1300 A Coy commences moving to F.U.P. followed by B & C. The main axis was by this time impassable at one point due to mud and tanks were held up but were still able to give support.

    1440 B Coy reported progressing well but own ARTY falling short and number of casualties

    See for the War Diaries of 15th Scottish adwb's site:
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    I am currently doing some research into Operation Veritable and would like to read these. Can you please send me a link as I do not seem able to retrieve them.

    Many thanks

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    You should be able to click on the pages Ian to read them?

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