British Tank Crew headgear in Normandy

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    Does anyone know anything about, or can point me in the right direction for, what tankies wore on their heads in Normandy?

    I have always assumed that they wore their berets or the HSRAC steel tank crew helmet, plus I wondered what other members of the regiment who were not tank crew might have worn, i.e. those in carriers, trucks or half-tracks etc.

    I came across this photo (IWM B6980) which seems to suggest some crew might have worn the MkIII helmet?




    large_000000 cropped.jpg
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    I’m not entirely sure they are all tank crew. The chap in the co-driver’s position seems to have a very long regimental title on his battle dress. And the driver has a huge grin on his face!


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    A helmet is worn for protection against small arms or shell fragments either in the tank or when dismounted. The ability to poke ones head up from inside a hatch or duck in was why the rimmed helmet was not used. However shortages of the RAC helmets meant Mk.3s and 4s are often seen amongst stowed kit for dismounted protection - there was a lot of speculative mortaring and artillery fire on harbour and preparation positions.
    I do also recall seeing references to RA FOOs wearing Mk.3 helmets when taking over Sherman OPs for use in tank regiments.
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