British soliders and the faroe islands

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    Hi, I am a new member, I am trying to find out what my grandfather may have been doing on the faroe islands when he died on November 8 1944. I have requested his service records but they are slow in comming. His info is private Allan Stephen 2884035 The Seaforth Highlanders. He is buried in the Torshavn cemetery.
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    The bare bones of things from Wiki -

    The British occupation of the Faroe Islands in WW2, also known as Operation Valentine, was implemented immediately following the German invasion of Denmark and Norway. In April 1940, the United Kingdom occupied the strategically important Faroe Islands to preempt a German invasion. British troops left shortly after the end of the war.

    The Royal Marines were replaced by soldiers of the Lovat Scouts, a Scottish Regiment. In 1942, they were replaced by the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). From 1944, the British garrison was considerably reduced.

    CWGC details:

    Casualty Details
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    I wonder if this book might provide some background on garrison life on the islands during the war:

    The author Eric Linklater was part of the British garrison. His 1956 novel The Dark of Summer was set in the Faroe Islands during the war years.
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    Hi & Welcome

    If you type Faroes into the search function there are several threads on what happened on the Islands, with some good links to other sites.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum Linda. Hopefully it won't be too long before you receive the service records. At the moment they are usually taking around 3 to 4 weeks. Come back to us with any queries when you have them.

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    Thank You all for the advice ,I have found this an incredible journey so far . I have that picture of his head stone and the cross that was there before they switched to the head stone. I have a few other pic from this time. My hats off to everyone who is searching like myself I is a strenuous but gratifying task . Much Respect thank You
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    Hello! I am also requesting my Grandad's service records, but he died in 2014 and the age of 93. He was also in the Faroe Islands, during World War 2, he was in the Royal Engineers, and we think the 125 Quarrying Company. His friend Harry Bell is also buried in the Faroe Islands, and he never forgot him. My Grandad also was involved in building the hospital under Dover Castle and then in Operation Pluto laying the Bambi section of the Pipeline, from the Isle of Wight. He went to Caan and Paris,and then onto the Middle East. Even though my Grandad lived until 93 he didn't talk about the army much and now there is a million things i wished i had asked him! I would love some more information about the Faroe Islands at this time!
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    Wonder who he was serving with in the Faroes in 1944 as I cannot find any mention of any Seaforth battalion there in 1944.
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    Major Tony Barnes has written a book (pdf) on the Faroe Island it might still be possible to find him around this forum.
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    see yet another thread ;)
    the Faroe islands

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