British soldiers in Shanghai, c. 1927-1928

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    China Hard.

    Although not Shanghi 1927c, you may be interested in an item featured in my Gallery under a section devoted to Private William Charles Russell. He served with 2nd Battalion The Royal Scots who in 1927 were based in Tientsen.

    The post reproduces a copy of a pass issued to him by the British Legation to carry mail to and from Peitaiho.

    It also tells of the special relationship between the Battalion and the Marines of the American Legation Guard in Peking.

    Joe Brown.

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    I hope that Graham (China Hand) picks up your additional information, but he has not been around the forum for over 4 years now.

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    Thanks! I am a bit late, but had not noticed this thread before . . .

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    No problem Joe. I hope Graham returns to the fold one day, as we had exchanged a fair bit of information with each other on various subjects in relation to the SE Asia theatre.

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    Just picked up on this thread. My father was in Shanghai with the Norfolk Regiment from September 1928 until November 1929. They were "flying the flag" and at one time took part in a prestigious Trooping the Colour on the Shanghai racecourse in front of many dignitaries and large crowd. Interestingly his service record shows him being given ten days CB (confined to barracks) for contravening ARO no 381 (!) when caught by the Regimental Police of the 2nd Wiltshire Regt being out of bounds in Oriental House 26a Fearon Road at 21.15 hours. Was this a house of ill repute I ask myself!!

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