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    A pre-book publication story: 'The Traitor of Colditz: British officer sabotaged his comrades' escape from the notorious PoW camp and was tried for treason. So why, ROBERT VERKAIK asks in a riveting new book, did Walter Purdy escape the gallows TWICE?'
    Link: ROBERT VERKAIK: Why did the Traitor of Colditz Walter Purdy escape the gallows TWICE? | Daily Mail Online

    The Daily Telegraph had a similar article a few days ago and the reviewer stated:
    From and behind a pay wall: The Dagenham car plant egotist who became a Nazi agent

    There is no mention of what happened to Purdy after his treason trial, not even his sentence and possible life afterwards.

    There is an update elsewhere: Walter Purdy (Treason) and Walter Purdy – The History Room

    An Essex paper story in 2008: Quiet man of Thundersley was the Colditz traitor
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    There are some very interesting reports on Oflag 373, Steinburg, which was described as “The Officer's Holiday camp"
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    Purdy was given a death sentence which was later commuted to life.

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    sadly he lived a longer life

    An Essex engineer who became a Nazi spy was condemned to death at the Old Bailey.
    HE was, or seemed, a nondescript man without ambition, lacking any sort of attitude or opinion. Born in Barking, he moved east to Essex, settling in Thundersley after the war. That move appeared to be the most dramatic thing that Walter Purdy had ever done with his life. He did some sort of job with a firm that made water softeners, then towards the end of his life worked as a storekeeper for Ford in Dagenham. He died in Southend Hospital on July 26 1982

    Quiet man of Thundersley was the Colditz traitor
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    It's unfortunate this site is no longer active....unless you need the services of a locksmith.

    Should you want more, then a free 160 MB file awaits. Lots of good stuff. Roy Walter PURDY, alias WALLACE, POINTER: a member of the British Union of Fascists... | The National Archives "I am sorry to have to pass you this screaming baby"



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    Reg Beattie worked with/for BQMS Brown and his diary of the time is a good read: Captive Plans The POW Diary of Reg Beattie.

    He was suspected of being a traitor by other prisoners but was in fact "friendly" with the Germans to get information. Information he was feeding back to Mi6.

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