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    In order to keep myself out of trouble, I've recently started transcribing nominal rolls of members of Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service, their Reserve, and the Territorial Army Nursing Service who went to France with the British Expeditionary Force in 1939, and returned in May and June, 1940. I've just put online lists of those women who were in France by December 1939, most with their hospital attachments. There are quite a few more of these rolls 'counting them all out' and hopefully 'counting them all back' a few months later, which I'll add in the future. I hope they may be of use to anyone searching for a nurse who served during that time. They can be found via this link:

    QAIMNS and TANS Nominal Rolls 1939-1940

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    Well done! Look forward to the rest.

    I am sure that you don't have the time to get yourelf into trouble.

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    Excellent piece of research, Sue.
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    That looks very impressive. Must have been a lot of work.
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    Very impressive. I have some medals and papers to a Royal Navy Nurse who had WW2 service and later. I could post her details should you ever need them. She was VAD.
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    A couple of my friends will be glad to hear about this one!
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    Hi Sue,

    As a nurse myself, I have to commend these nurses who put their lives in danger to care for the wounded. They knew they were in for some gruesome work. That's what nursing is all about. Thanks for the link to the National Archives where I will spend some time.

    My late father in the in the RAF was admitted to care in Brussels where he was given TLC p.r.n. Then he was sent back out for more of the same.

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    Well done and thanks Sue,

    Your painstaking work has helped me trace a couple of my ladies and their WW2 service pathway.:)

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    Many thanks for this info. I have just discovered my mother's name (E M Threadingham) and will be posting more later - only discovered site today and its getting late now.
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    Dear all, does anyone still have a copy of Sue's WW2 nominal roll mentioned in this thread - the link goes to nurses stories and I can't see the database there. I am looking for Australian nurses on the list. many thanks, Kirsty
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