British involvement in the Bulge

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    The story by Bill is truly amazing.
    It was a pleasure to have met the man last Sunday during the Veterans reunion in Arnhem.

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    Shots of British tanks of 33rd Armoured Brigade in the Ardennes; these Shermans carry extra steel plates to the front, never seen that before:


    Can anyone identify the tractor at 1:27?
    I think the USAAF had some crawler tractors with front driver controls that they used as heavy bomber tugs but I can’t find mention of them on the net.

    It looks like the man on the left at 2:31 didn’t realize he fired the last shot in his clip. Looks like he kept his sight picture and tried to fire another round.


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    The Ardennes: Battle of the Bulge

    The British at Bure during the Battle of the Ardennes

    At one point in the battle, Sergeant Scott R.A.M.C. [Royal Army Medical Corps], went forward in an ambulance to pick up casualties. A German Tiger, which had been fighting us all day, rolled forward alongside him, and the commander seeing him unafraid said, "Take the casualties away this time, but don't come forward again, it is not safe". Even Sergeant Scott knew when to take a good hint!
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    Can anybody shed some light on these memories, 6th Airborne 12th Devons? Dad remembered walking through an icy river. Also,possibly somewhere else, replacing the americans in a defensive position. He would take occasional "potshot at jerry", When it was time to move on the americans replaced them, a few days later the fighting became intense again! Much to dads bewilderment and shock as he he had told an american that it had been quiet, than shortly after the position was under heavy fire again.
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    Hello there - I am Trooper Aubrey Harvey's Granddaughter. I have been searching for the circumstances behind his death and have not been able to find out much at all, my Dad was born after Aubrey died and was adopted, all papers relating to Aubrey's death have since been destroyed. Do you have any further evidence or paperwork on his death or does anyone else have any further details? I would be extremely grateful to find out more.
    Many thanks
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    Victoria - Some of the story of the 29th Armoured Bde can be found over here:

    The Armoured Bde was hastily committed in the Ardennes battle. It's first assignement was to protect the Meuse bridges. This it did by occupying the towns of Namur, Dinant and Givet. By December 27th, the German counteroffensive had run out of steam and came to a standstill in front of Dinant. From that time on the Germans went over to the defensive. They never reached the Meuse nor came anywhere near Givet.

    At the start of January 45 the Armoured Bde moved to the east of the Meuse to support the 6th Airborne Division in it's attack against the enemy salient in the Ardennes. The offensive of the 6th Airborne Division started on January 3rd, 45. The fighting concentrated in the area of Wavreille and Bure, small farming villages just to the SW of Rochefort.

    The problem with Givet, which is given as the location where your granddad fell, is that it was far behind the lines. I do not have any reports of German paratroopers being active in the area, so the story of him being shot by advancing paratroopers imo is not very credible. By Jan 4th, 45, the Germans weren't advancing anymore in that area. My best guess at the moment is that he was a victum of a German air-raid on Givet (during those days single enemy planes frequently dropped AP-bombs behind the lines in nightly air-attacks) or was wounded somewhere near the lines and unfortunately succumbed his injuries at a military hospital in Givet. A document that might give some clue to what happened is the War Diary of the 29th Armoured Bde HQ, which I unfortunaly do not have.
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    Thank you for this information - It does give credance to my original story - will have to dig a bit deeper!! Regards

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