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    Dear all,

    I am wondering if anyone has any information on where Northern HQ was based in 1943, and what they were up to.

    HQ's Northern Command: Lieutenant General Sir E.L.Morris (July 1943)

    I am trying to trace the movements of 182nd Infantry Brigade, and know they were in Northern Ireland 1940, 1941 and first half of 1942. It seems they then moved to 'Northern HQ', followed at some point by a move to Kent.

    I am in the process of obtaining the diaries of my fathers regiment, but am also trying to see the wider picture, so I hope someone has some info relating to this.


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    61st Infantry Division, of which 182nd Infantry Brigade was a component, served as follows:

    Southern Command - 3/9/39 to 19/6/40
    Northern Ireland District 20/6/40-11/7/40
    British Troops in Northern Ireland - 12/7/40 to 2/2/43
    11th Corps District - 4/2/43 to 14/5/43
    2nd Corps District - 15/5/43 to 1/9/43
    GHQ Home Forces - 2/9/43 to 22/10/43
    South-Eastern Command - 23/10/43 to 30/11/44
    Eastern Command - 1/12/44 to 31/8/45

    The components of 182nd Infantry Brigade during the war were:

    2nd/7th Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment
    9th Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment - until 25/7/44
    9th Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment
    1st Battalion, South Wales Borderers - from 2/9/44

    The 182nd Brigade moved from Northern Ireland in February 1943 to Essex and then to the coast of Kent for coast defence duties in October of 1943, where it remained for the rest of the war. After the invasion of Normandy in June 1944, the division took on a training role, returning Anti-Aircraft troops to infantry as drafts for unit in North-West Europe.
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    Thanks for that info I will research it further ......... unless you have more details?? :)

    The reason for my initial question was that I came across this document showing the position of Home Forces as at 01 July 1943 and 61st Inf Div is at HQ Northern Command

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    11th Corps District was located within Northern Command.
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    Here are the commanders of XI Corps:

    XI Army Corps(East Anglia; disbanded 1943):
    Lieutenant-General Hugh R. S. Massy:July 1940-November 1941
    Lieutenant-General Noel M. S. Irwin: November 1941-March 1942
    Lieutenant-General John T. Crocker: March-September 1942
    Lieutenant-General Gerard C. Bucknall:September 1942-April 1943
    Lieutenant-General Gerald W. R. Templer: April-July 1943

    [SIZE=14pt] [/SIZE]

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