British Guards at POW Camp 180 Marbury Hall

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  1. Osborne2

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    I am helping a local friends group to research this camp. I have just been given a copy of a group photograph of believed to be of the British guards at the camp. This existed from 1944-1948, although it was re-numbered 189 later. The camp also had a Polish Guard Company during its entire existence.

    This undated photograph is below.

    It has been scanned at various DPI but this is the best I can get, before it breaks up too much.

    The senior officer in the photograph is likely to be a Lt Colonel. This man might be Lt Col Reid the first Commander, or Lt Col Scowcroft, the second. British guards at this time were often wounded or medically classified as not A standard fit to go back to a fighting unit. I understand therefore that these units were ad-hoc and thrown together from whoever was available. There was a high churn rate due to postings or demob. I know there was at least one Scottish sergeant in the camp in 1945. I think there are several Balmorals/Tam O'Shanters in the picture.

    The man in glasses 6th right sitting has wings over his medal ribbons. Are these RAF or Army Air Corps?

    Can anyone else identify any of the unit badges at all. I know that some of you are dab hands at picking out fine detail.

    I can try and extract close ups on individuals and post again if anyone has ideas.

    Here is one man who, to help the family, we believe we have identified.


    The family who donated the picture are very interested in the front left sitting sergeant.

    His name is believed to be Sgt "Taffy" David Richard Jones. Can any one determine anything about his possible unit or know anything of him? His name makes genealogy rather difficult There are extra badges above his stripes, perhaps this helps at least with a unit?

    Behind the heads of the rear rank are a line of what I take to be angle iron uprights. They look like no prisoner stockade fencing I have seen. The right one has supporting bracing. They look to me like uprights for tennis courts but with no mesh. Does anyone have a view. The rhododendrons are growing round the left upright. No prison fence would be in such a location or condition. Any views?

    Thank you for reading this and having a think. Any help you can give will be much appreciated.
  2. Osborne2

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    After much scanner resetting I have managed to get a better picture of Sgt Jones. Can anyone deduce what the badges are above his chevrons? Sadly as far as I can tell, his cap badge is not distinguishable, or does anyone know better?


    Thank you for your help.
  3. TTH

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    I wish that picture was clearer. If it was a gun (can't quite tell, but it might be) then that would make him Royal Artillery.
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  4. Tricky Dicky

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    RSM or CSM rank

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  5. Osborne2

    Osborne2 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the thoughts TTH and TD. I will try and re-scan and see if there is more definition left in the photograph that I can find.
  6. sheena Beech

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    I am new to this so please be patient... I am the person looking for David Richard Jones and have been given the following detail - My mother is fairly sure he was Royal Artillery and from another genealogy site I have been given David Richard Jones DOB 20/10/1908 Aberdare Glamorgan Service No: 1070474 Joining up in 1926 for 6 years but was pensioned off 19/3/1948. Rank was listed as "War Substantive Sergeant Major". I have no access to Military records and wonder do the records reflect career activity at all? I also understand some records were destroyed so appreciate they may not exist. Could someone point me in the right direction as the age seems to fit from what I know of the background - it is hard to age him from the photo! Thanks in advance
  7. Tricky Dicky

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    Hi Sheena


    There is only one place to obtain his service records from and that is the MOD based in Glasgow - link for the forms is - Request records of deceased service personnel nowhere else will provide you with these, they will show his career activity, many of the WW1 service records were lost in a fire in 1942, I an unaware of any of the WW2 records being lost.

    By obtaining his service records you will be able to follow his military career without going down too many false roads.

    Once you have them it would be advisable to start a thread just for him so that all the details will be held together and they will not become lost in another thread


    you will need a copy of his death certificate - when and where did he die??
  8. sheena Beech

    sheena Beech New Member

    Thanks TD
    I do not have his death date as yet. The story is a little complicated and involves a war time romance and subsequent pregnancy and child. David R Jones was the father and did try to support his child even though he was married. We realise he will be dead but his son would like some background on who his father was. Thank you again for the advice I will try and find his death if I can through my genealogy contacts.
  9. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member

    There are members here who can also help with that if required, many have access to most of the genealogy sites - if you do post whatever details you have

  10. Osborne2

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    This is positively the best I think I can do, but does anyone have any more thoughts? Thanks

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