British Field Graves of the men who were Buried close to where they fell in 1940

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    The first entry is the correct one....John Kell is buried at the Ypres Town Cemetery.A causality possibly from engagements around Ypres.

    Seacroft is a large council estate on the east side of Leeds.....well served as I remember by the Leeds City Bus Station.
  2. Rich Payne

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    There is no doubt of the identity here as his service number was shown on the temporary grave marker.
  3. morrisc8

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    One more from my collection. British gas mask and a 303 SMLE and cap. cant make out what the cap badge is. A railway is near the grave. info on back of photo in german. Niewport
    kia bef 1940.jpg kia bef 1940.near railway jpg.jpg kia bef 1940.near railway back of photo jpg.jpg
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  4. Rich Payne

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    This one is puzzling me. It appears that we're viewing the rear of the Service Dress Cap. I wonder if we're seeing some sort of damage as the only regiment that I can think of with a back badge is the Gloucestershire Regt. and it's not theirs. I can't see any strap or peak from this view.

    Almost certainly an officer. His respirator is quite newly delivered as it has the red-brown filter and plain rubber mask. I don't recognise the webbing bag. I'll ask around.
  5. morrisc8

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    Same type of army bags.
    ww2  canves bag.jpg
    army bag.jpg
    army bag ww2.jpg
  6. morrisc8

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    Photo Looks to be taken in a garden.Photo from my collection.
    british kia.jpg british kia bef close up..jpg
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