British corps and divisions in Operation Veritable

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    Hi all,

    I am reviewing what I've written on Veritable and find myself needing to check the following:

    Were all the British divisions which participated in Veritable under 30th Corps? (XXX Corps, 30 Corps, take your pick.) I have a bit here which says that one reason that taking Gennep was important because it would allow a bridge to be constructed across the Maas... so that 8th Corps units could cross over. Have I got that wrong? Or were they in 8th Corps until crossing over and then came under 30th Corps control?

    I know that 15th, 51st and 53rd were in 30th Corps for the initial assault, and the corps also had GAD and 43rd Division in reserve ready to go in case of a breakthrough. I think my confusion largely surrounds 11th Armoured Division, 3rd Infantry Division, and 52nd Infantry Division.
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    From what I have read, II Canadian Corps took over the left flank of the operation after it stalled and made the assault on Udem and the Calcar Ridge.
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    Yeah 2nd Canadian Corps was part of First Canadian Army too, but that doesn't relate to my question :( I didn't make that clear... I'll edit my post.
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    Chris - 8th Corps units were under 2nd British Army (Dempsey) and positioned West of the river Meuse.

    The British divisions you mention (11th arm., 3rd and 52nd inf) later were attached to First Cdn Army and sent across the Meuse to reinforce 30 Corps and among others replace 15 and 51 inf divs which were pulled out of the line to prepare for Op Plunder (Rhine Crossing). Note that 11th Armoured was attached to 2nd Cdn Corps for Operation Blockbuster, as was 43rd Wessex.
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    Right, so at the start of Veritable none of them were in First Canadian Army?

    Denis Whitaker totally elides this in his book. I'd have to look again at the Canadian official history.
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    Great, thank you!!

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