British camp in Audrieu (Calvados, Normandy)

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    I'm looking for any informations about the British camp in Audrieu. It was the largest British camp in the area and it remained in place until (at least) February 1945.
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    Do you already have any information such as a map and aerial photos? I have a map of the area effective approx August 1944 showing the camp but don't want to waste time scanning and editing if you already have it.
  3. paddle14

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    I don't have any photo or map. I will be very grateful if you can scan the map. Is it from your personal collection ?
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  5. paddle14

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    Yes but it's only the vestiges of the camp.
    I'm looking for 1944-1945 photos or maps, when it was still active.
  6. SDP

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    I doubt there is anything better than this image (at least readily available) simply because there will have been no cause to do aerial photography of that area when the base was built because the fighting - and hence need for recce photos - had moved further inland by the time the base was built.

    Have you tried contacting the Museum in Tilly sur Seulles? If anyone has any information they will either have it or hopefully know someone who has.

    I will scan the map and post later today if possible although it actually shows a lot less detail than M Kenny aerial photo.
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  7. paddle14

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    Yes, no arial photos but maybe photos taken in the camp by some soldiers. Or some documents about this camp.

    No but I will contact this Museum.

    Thank you.
  8. SDP

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    You need to establish contact with Stephane Jacquet who is the museum Curator and prolific author on battles in the area. Brilliant chap and have met him several times in Tilly.
  9. paddle14

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    Ok, thanks for the information.
  10. SDP

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    Map herewith.

    The original belonged to the Intelligence Officer - Ken Gill - of the 24th Lancers (ref my avatar: my late fathers Regiment). Ken died some years ago.

    You will note that the base was complete with Sidings off the Bayeux-Caen Railway and there is at least one more base (closer to Bayeux) which also had Sidings off that railway.

    Good luck with your research project.


    Kens Port Winston map.jpg
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  11. paddle14

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    Hello Steve,

    Thank you very much for this map ! It's great !
    We can see also the airfields in the area.
  12. SDP

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    The temporary Sommerfeld roads are also shown.

    I can't remember which threads showed them, but there is other information on the Forum which identifies the location of the General Hospitals, the one way road system and the Logistics/Dumps locations which you should be able to overlay over this map.

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