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    My grandfather served in the British Artillery (53rd (Bolton) Field Regiment. He took part in the opening artillery barrage at El Alamein. I believe the 53rd were attached to the Desert Rats at this time.

    I’d like to buy a ‘Desert Rat’ toy soldier and would like one as accurate as possible to my grandfather’s uniform/equipment. Can anyone tell me whether he would have carried a rifle/hand gun as an artilleryman, as its difficult to find a soldier in desert uniform that isn’t carrying a gun.


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    Are you sure you have the right unit? 53 Bolton Field Artillery were part of 8th Indian Division and IRRC did not take part in the battle of El Alamein. The unit is famous as the home of the wartime Wanderers. I was the historian with their expedition to Italy a couple of years ago.

    If you want to model a Gunner in the western desert you have the interesting option of depicting him near naked - one common order of dress. ;) He should have had a personal; weapon. In 1942 it was likely to have been a no 4 rifle
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    War Establishment for 1944.
    All personnel were armed.
    - Officers and RSM carried pistols
    - Warrant Officers, drivers, motorcyclists and Bren gun Number 2 carried Sten guns
    - Everyone else carried a rifle.

    Sten guns were not available in 1942.

    There are always exceptions, amendments etc but a rifle would be correct.

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    Hi - yes pretty sure. And I remember my Grandad telling me he was there and his service records indicate the 53rd (Bolton) Field Regiment. I just pulled the attached from a website about the Desert Rats. Thanks for the weapon/uniform info.


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