British Army ORBAT 1957-1960

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    Does anyone know where I could get the above information, down to battalion level, for some research I am doing please?
    Any help appreciated,
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    Try the published Army Lists, available in a few libraries. They will at least show all active and reserve formations. Sometimes from memory they indicate where they are. 'Withdrawal From Empire' by William Jackson is the only book I have on the period, very general account though re ORBAT.

    Try, with an emphasis, locating copies of 'British Army Review', the Army's official journal. A few recent issues are available via: British Army Review Archives - CHACR The RUSI Library has many back issues, none of the last few years.

    Have a look through the section here on post-war issues; Charley Fortnum has an interest in a few specific places, though from memory not that period.

    In that section this is the obvious starting point: New website -
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    Very many thanks for this.
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    RHh has added on another thread (BAOR in Germany) this specific question:
    Try this regimental website, Google found this pointer to an obituary:
    : Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry - SCLI - 6 October 1959 - 10 July 1968 The Someerset & Cornwall Light Infantry Museum could be a starting point

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