British Anti Aircraft Units, Belgium Nov.44

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    I'm investigating an American B-24 Liberator crash (491st Bomb. Group/ 854th Bomb. Squadron) that occured on the 26th of November 1944 in the Belgian village of Leefdaal. In reference to this crash I'm looking for British Anti Aircraft Unit(s) ( Batteries, Regiments) that were stationed in and around Leefdaal at that moment in time. Several of the B-24 airmen landed in the vicinity of a British anti- aircraft emplacement in Leefdaal near the border with the village of Everberg. They were taken care of by this unit and afterwards were put on transport to Brussels. I hope some of you experts can help identify this unit as I like to try and find out more about this crash through British Regimental records or diaries. (In case such documents exist).
    The little Belgian village of Leefdaal (Leefdael) is situated about 18 kilometers east of Brussels and about 9 kilometers west of Leuven ( Louvain). Several anti-aircraft emplacements were posted in and around Leefdaal mainly to destroy over flying V-1 bombs. The neighbouring villages of Leefdaal are named Everberg, Bertem, Neerijse, Korebeek-Dijle, Vossem and Duisburg.
    Any information would be higly appreciated.
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