British 1st Army (North Africa)

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    awarded for service in the Palestine mandate between 145-48, so it will be the last part of his service. don't know much about this period, i.e. how long you had to be in Palestine to qualify for the medal.
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    Mine's a pint of the black stuff - with the appropriate staggered pouring.

    I'm learning too - Ron was actually there so he knows the details.

    Actually I've now cross referenced that the 1st Infantry Division did indeed sail to Palestine on 27th Jan 1945. So that fits (phew).

    It looks like he missed the difficult Gothic Line period (Sept 1944) with 11th LF as he seems to have only been taken on strength on 1st Dec 1944 after his training period.
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    One more obvious point.

    I assume as 11 Lancashire Fusiliers were war formed, then it was probably in the throes of being disbanded by the end of 1945. Another reason for the "comp" transfer.
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    I have obtained my father's service record and it shows that he served in North Africa between 13/3/43 and 26/9/45. I can see that he was awarded the Africa Star with 1st Army clasp. What puzzles me is that he also got the Italy Star, nowhere in his list of postings does it mention Italy.

    Does this mean that he transited through Italy, or spent leave in Italy, or could it mean something else?

    Incidentally, if anyone has any information relating to my father I would be very grateful to receive it. I would also be pleased to hear from any Military Police personnel who served in North Africa and could tell me a little of what sort of things an MP did in action.

    My father was 2694657 Sergeant Herbert Clayton, Royal Corps of Military Police. In 1939 he was mobilised into the army in the Scots Guards, from the Reserve. In 1940 he transfered to the Military Police.

    Between 11/4/1940 - 12/6/1940 he served in N.W.E.F. Between 1943 and 1945 he was in North Africa (as above)

    Regards, Mike Clayton
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    just to catch up with your first posting on this thread- the 1st Army consisted of the V Corps of 25th Tank Bde - 1stDiv- 4th Div and 78th Div

    the !X Corps was of 1st AD - 6th AD and 46th Inf with 21st Tank bde -

    the X corps was not effective until the landings at Salerno in the September of '43 to join the 5th US army and consisted of 46th -56th Divs - elements of 7th AD and Commandos
    - and Column A is only the WO orders to the clerks
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    Found this on Ancestry.
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    my dad embarked the uk 8/10/1946 as part of the M.E.L.F. MIDDLE EAST LAND FORCE. Posted to B.M.A.? Cyrenaica.He was awarded the palistine clasp but would never apply for it.. this had to be done after his death in my brother.
    The story was two of his close sargeant friends were caught by the locals and hung he just got away.
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    Indeed, on 12 July 1947, Sergeants Paice and Martin, two British Field Security NCOs, were kidnapped by 5 armed men, following the sentencing to death of three men involved in the attack on the Acre Gaol by terrorists, some dressed in British uniforms. The two NCOs were discovered, hanged, on 31st July, by which time it was estimated they had been dead for two days. 'Cordon and Search' does not mention a third NCO being involved.

    One of the bodies was booby trapped and caused serious injury when cut down.


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