Brigadier Hill

Discussion in 'General' started by armourersergeant, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. I sat in sheer amazement last night as i watched the news and had to pick my chin off the floor when i saw that Brigadier Hill of 3rd para brigade turned out for the ceremonies of D-Day. With no malice or ill intent to him I thought he had long gone to the parachute school in the sky.

    Good to see he was still around.

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    I was impressed by his statue.
  3. And The Quiet Modesty of his Generation,
  4. Chris Basey

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    Not being into the history of the Paras I am a bit confused by this thread.

    I thought there was a statue of Brigadier Hill unveiled last weekend.

    Arm. seems to be saying that he was actually present!!

    Who wil enlighten me?
  5. hope this clears the matter up.


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