Brigadier George Talbot BURNEY, 153 Brigade, 51st Highland Div

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    Does anyone have a picture of Brigadier Burney I am trying to ascertain if the british officer in this footage is him? He died in captivity in November 1940 as a POW

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    An even earlier college photo (undated) is on: Winchester College Along with quite a good biography.

    I wonder if searching for photos of his commands would work so:
    Would contacting those who left flowers on his memorial page be worth contacting? See: Brig George Talbot Burney (1889-1940) - Find A...


    Have you considered asking his family, his daughter died in 2013. Not my speciality, so possibly a "long shot". See: Individual Page

    It appears Burney had been held in Oflag V11C and five officers attended his funeral. From 'St Valéry and Its Aftermath: The Gordon Highlanders Captured in France in 1940' by Stewart Mitchell, alas the relevant pg. is not available on Google books. The camp was at Laufen castle, in Bavaria near Salzburg.

    Given the family history with the Gordon Highlanders, how about their regimental journal? I expect their museum is the place to start. See: Research | Gordon Highlanders Museum

    Note research to mark the 81st anniversary of the surrender found photos of the five regiment killed locally at St. Valery, so you may be in luck. See: Normandy Ceremony to Remember Fallen Scottish Heroes | Gordon Highlanders Museum
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