Brigadier D W Furlong DSO, OBE, MC

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    Hi. Dennis Furlong attended Emanuel School in Battersea, South West London. His school records are held in the archives at Emanuel. I would be interested to know if anyone has a photo of him. I am currently reading through his 1940 diary. Very interesting notes on 27 May 1940. If anyone is in contact with living relatives they may be interested in my research. I am researching all Emanuel pupils who fought in the Boer, First and Second World Wars.
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    Hi and welcome to the forum,

    Any chance you can post the May part of his diary?

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    Does anyone have a collection of The China Dragon: The Chronicle of the Royal Berkshire Regiment? I am looking for anything written by Dennis Walter Furlong, D.S.O., O.B.E., M.C. I found the attached photo recently in John Hammerton's Illustrated War series from 1940 for people's interest.

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    I found the attached photo recently in John Hammerton's Illustrated War series from 1940 for people's interest.

    Thanks for posting.
  5. Since that link worked, here is another you might like:

    Diary - The Collection - The Wardrobe

    These archives are in the museum in Salisbury and not Brock Barracks, Reading, since 1982
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    These archives are in the museum in Brock Barracks, Oxford Road, Reading.

    I thought they were down in Salisbury in The Wardrobe ?
  7. I thought they were down in Salisbury in The Wardrobe ?

    My mistake absolutely right Owen.
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    Many thanks.
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    I think I have finally found out how Dennis Furlong was killed. In the below interview in the Imperial War Museum's Collection, Reel 3, 10-12mins in, the interviewee mentions that there was no more Furlong when he was inspecting a mine field in Bridlington?

    Catalogue number
    Subject period Second World WarAlternative Names
    object category: IWM interview
    IWM (Production company)
    Gregg, Edward "Ned" (interviewee/speaker)
    Moses, Harry (recorder)
    Category sound

    Can anyone confirm this?
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    I have just noticed this thread and the reference to Sir John Dill as the second husband of Brigadier Furlong's widow.

    At the time of Dunkirk,F.M Sir John Dill was the CIGS. Apparently he did not get on with WSC who later sidelined him into a role as his personal representative in Washington.

    I would think that Brigadier Furlong and Sir John Dill knew each other from their early military careers.

    John Dill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia gives further information.
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    This seems to solve a long-standing mystery for me. One of my great-grandmothers is buried in Kilham Cemetery, and I'd always wondered how Furlong ended up there, as it's very out of the way.

    It's worth noting that Lt Michael Desmond Ponsonby Magill, also of the Royal Berkshire Regiment (1st Bn), died on the same day as Furlong, and in fact is listed on the same page of local death register, although he's commemorated at Darlington Crematorium. Presumably he was killed in the same incident.
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    Having checked the 1st Royal Berkshire Regiment war diary (WO 166/4520), Furlong and Magill where inspecting a minefield at Barmston, which is a bit to the south of Bridlington. At the time Furlong was the commanding officer of the 6th Infantry Brigade, and Magill was its intelligence officer.

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