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    I am currently researching the various merchant ships my grandfather sailed on during WW2 as a merchant seaman. I have obtained the Coastal Trade Official Log Books and Crew Agreements for these ships. One Log Book entry caught my eye as it provides details of a minor collision between the coaster EMPIRE CLIFF O.N. 164908 and L.C.T 441 on 25 January 1944 at Cowes Roadstead. This incident was not very noteworthy in itself but it did gave me an insight into the role of this merchant ship in the lead up to D-Day.

    I thought I would have a look online to see what information was available on L.C.T 441. To my surprise I found a fascinating account of life onboard L.C.T 441 titled:

    “A Brief Personal Account of Happenings From 'D' Day Preparations To 'VE' Day” By Mr. J. S. Smith coxswain of L.C.T 441.

    I have provided a link to this article, below.

    LCT 441/2441 (

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    I don’t think the article that you linked to is the LCT Empire Cliff collided with.

    LCT 441 was an LCT Mark 3. LCT 2441 was a Mark 5.

    LCT 441 was attached to 30 LCT Flotilla “for special trials” at that time. The trials were launching DD Tanks.

    The IWM has some papers from Sub-Lieutenant H. P. Dinwiddy. Maybe the incident is mentioned in there.
    Private Papers of Sub Lieutenant H P Dinwiddy RNVR

    Old Radleian 2014


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