Brett Cloutman:The last Victoria Cross awarded in WW1: VC Paving Stone Ceremony 6th November 2018

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    Brett Cloutman,Victoria Cross,Royal Engineers.
    Ceremony 6th November 2018
    Hornsey War Memorial,Park Road,Hornsey,London

    For most conspicuous bravery on the 6th November, 1918, at Pont-sur-Sambre.

    Maj. Cloutman, after reconnoitring the river crossings, found the Quartes Bridge almost intact but prepared for demolition. Leaving his party under cover he went forward alone, swam across the river, and, having cut the "leads" from the charges, returned the same way, despite the fact that the bridge and all approaches thereto were swept by enemy shells and machine-gun fire at close range. Although the bridge was blown up later in the day by other means, the abutments remained intact.[3]

    The bridge had been prepared for demolition by the Germans, and was well defended. By cutting the wires, Cloutman prevented the enemy from blowing it up at the time. He was seen at the bridge, however, and escaped under an intense fire from its guards. The fact that the abutments were not destroyed later meant that the bridge could be more quickly replaced by the Allies.

    This was the last act to win a VC in the First World War.
    Brett Cloutman - Wikipedia

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    Looks like a good set of medals - anyway a picture of him

    UK, Victoria Cross Medals, 1857-2007
    Name: Sir Brett Cloutman
    Birth Date: 7 Nov 1891
    Birth Place: North London
    Death Date: 15 Aug 1971
    Death Place: Old Hall, South Grove, Highgate, North London

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