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    Found by a footpath in Branville - bought by me from Ebay in a job lot rusty coins ...

    WW1 colleague says 'According to " British Army Uniforms & Insignia of World War Two" Brian.L. Davis ( recommend by another Forum Pal- but can't remember who at present) numbers in the block 1842001 - 2303000 were allocated to the Royal Engineers. '

    No CWGC for 1918441 Langton

    Wondered if this was a possibility?

    591st Parachute Squadron, RE

    591st Parachute Squadron RE

    22nd August 1944

    Place: Branville

    Squadron move forward to BRANVILLE. Verge clearing. Engineer recce carried out. One section in support of 1 RUR on assault of River Touques.

    23rd August 1944

    Place: Branville

    General recce carried out of River Touques.

    24th August 1944

    Place: Branville

    German Bridging Equipment collected and bridging of River Touques at Roncheville commenced at 1200 hrs. Bridge open at 1800 hrs. Great help by F.F.I.

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    Presume there's no equivalent of the WW1 medal index cards?
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    Have the tag and I think there is an additional numeral 8 (possibly numeral 2) at the end of the number....

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