Bowler hat & brolly formation sign

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  1. hendrix17

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    Didn't the hat and umbrella have a reference to Charlie Chaplin in ww1?
    Also whilst reading a few RASC war diaries I've come across a lot of borrowing vehicles from other units. RASC used some CRASC vehicles and their amphibious vehicles were from the Americans.
  2. reddevon

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    It would be nice to finally have an answer about the formation sign, i didn't realize it was going to cause so much confusion.
  3. High Wood

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    In post 17 there is a photograph of two officers, one called Morris and the other Lt Bawdon. I cannot find any officers in the 1939/45 Army Lists for an officer called Bawdon. There is however a Lt William Craig Bawden, 160601, listed as serving with the RASC. This may be a coincidence but equally might add weight to the RASC theory.
  4. Owen

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    Never did get a correct ID did we ?
  5. Robert-w

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    1939 - 40 the brolly was a signifies for Chamberlain

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