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  1. John(txic)

    John(txic) Junior Member

    Any Fleet Air Arm titles?
  2. Swiper

    Swiper Resident Sospan

    Life At The Sharp End, Letters from Normandy and Beyond , 100 Days of War for Peace, and Memoirs of a Soldier please...
    Also any more on NWE (ideally Normandy), especially Tank Brigades etc as well as Inf Divs etc.
  3. Mathsmal

    Mathsmal Senior Member


    No Fleet Air Arm I am afraid.

    I'll mark the other titles requested as sold. I should have a few more to list later in the week, includings some FEPOW titles.

  4. Mathsmal

    Mathsmal Senior Member

    Hi Swiper

    I am trying to send you a PM but your mailbox is full. I will be going to the post office on Tuesday and will let you know the full cost including postage but I need to send you a private message with payment details, etc.

  5. Mathsmal

    Mathsmal Senior Member


    Swiper - the cost for postage of these books is £5.45 1st class in the UK. Can you confirm if you want to go ahead with the purchase?


  6. sol

    sol Very Senior Member

    Anything about the Burma?
  7. No.4CommandoBairn

    No.4CommandoBairn Well-Known Member

    Just received mine - great condition - can't wait to get started.

    Thank you!
  8. AB64

    AB64 Senior Member

    Got mine in too, a quick and easy deal

    Thanks again

  9. Mathsmal

    Mathsmal Senior Member


    Revised list below. I've added quite a few books, and relisted a couple which were previously marked as sold.

    If you are interested in any, let me know.

    Ex – excellent condition, read once
    VG – shows some wear, may have small marks on dust jacket or cover, etc – it has been read
    Fair – worn covers, may have foxing, etc – mostly older books – it has been read a lot!


    Desert Wings – A Hurricane Pilot in the Western Desert – The story of Flight Lieutenant Arthur Weller DFC, 80 and 274 Squadrons RAF 1939-41 – Peter Holloway
    Paperback, 2001. VG/Fair (small tear on spine). £4.00

    Forever Aircrew – Reminiscences of Members of the Hereford and the Marches Branch of the Aircrew Association. - Edited by Peter Berry Ottaway
    Paperback, 1999. VG. £3.00

    A Question of Honor – The Kosciuszko Squadron – The story of 303 Squadron - Lynne Olson & Stanley Cloud
    Paperback, 2003. Ex. £3.00

    Escape or Die – Authentic Stories of the RAF Escaping Society - Paul Brickhill
    Hardback, 1985. Fair. £1.50

    Eastern Front

    Road to Destruction – Operation Blue & the Battle of Stalingrad 1942-43 – A Photographic History – Ian Baxter.
    Hardback, 2008. Ex. £3.00

    Scorched Earth – The Russian-German War 1943-44 - Paul Carell
    Hardback, 1994. VG. £10.00

    Burma / FEPOW

    Beyond the Bamboo Screen – Scottish Prisoners of War under the Japanese.
    Collection of personal accounts.
    Paperback, 2000. Ex. £3.50

    For Your Tomorrow – A Cipher-Sergeants Diary, 1941-45 (Diary of a Royal Engineer - service in Northern India, Assam and Burma) - Eric S Murrell
    Paperback, 1999. VG (crease to front cover but otherwise Ex). £4.00

    One Fourteenth of an Elephant – A memoir of life and death on the Burma-Thailand Railway - Ian Denys Peek
    Paperback, 2004. VG (sticker on back cover, otherwise Ex). £3.00

    To Stop A Rising Sun – Reminiscences of Wartime in India and Burma – a collection of first-hand accounts - Roy Humphries
    Paperback, 1999. Fair (small tear on rear and corner of one page cut out). £3.00

    War-Time Interlude of a Temporary Soldier 1941-45 – story of FEPOW who served with The Black Watch (T.A.R.O.), attached 5th Bn The Royal Norfolk Regiment
    Forbes Wallace
    Hardback, 1980. Ex. £4.00

    Italian / North African campaign

    War in Italy 1943-45 – A Brutal Story – Richard Lamb
    Paperback, 1993. VG. £4.00

    With All Modesty – The Veterans’ Tales of the Battle for Malta – Colin A Pomeroy
    Paperback, 2005. VG. £5.00

    Malta: Blitzed But Not Beaten – Philip Vella
    Paperback, 2001. Fair. £3.00

    Finding the Way – Wartime Adventures in Italy 1942-43 – Douglas Flowerdew
    Paperback, 1988. Fair. £3.00

    Fortress Crete – 1941-1944 – George Harokopos
    Paperback, 1993. VG. £3.00

    Operation Mercury – M G Comeau
    Paperback, 1975. Fair. £1.50

    Come Back to Portofino – Through Italy with the 6th South African Armoured Division – James Bourhill
    Hardback, 2011. Ex. £10.00

    Salerno – Hugh Pond
    Hardback, 1961. Fair. £3.00

    The Gothic Line – Douglas Orgill
    Paperback, 1967. Fair. £2.00

    From Sicily To The Alps – Glynn B Hobbs
    Personal accounts and recollections of predominantly South African veterans of the Italian campaign.
    Paperback, 1999. Signed by the author. VG. £8.00

    War Was A Cross To Bear - Hugh Lock
    Memoir of service in North Africa and Italy with the Royal Engineers including Salerno, Volturno River crossing, etc.
    Paperback, 1998. Ex. £6.00

    Anzio Beachhead – Diary of a Signaller (service with 78th (City of Edinburgh) Field Regt, Royal Artillery)
    Tom Roe
    Paperback, 1994. VG/Fair (water mark on a few pages). £3.00

    North West Europe 1939-45

    Life At The Sharp End – Memories of World War II – St John’s School History Society –
    Collection of veteran’s stories inc Major-General Peter de Carteret Martin’s account of the Normandy campaign with 2nd Bn Cheshire Regt, 50th Div.
    Paperback, no date, VG. £3.00

    Letters from Normandy and Beyond – Bernard Godfrey
    Collection of letters, written by a Rifleman, 12th Bn, The King’s Royal Rifle Corps
    Paperback (card cover), 1994. Signed by the author. VG. £5.00

    100 Days of War for Peace – The Battle of Falaise Within the Battle of Normandy – Dr Paul German
    Paperback, 1998. VG. £4.00

    A Short Story of 21 Army Group – Hugh Darby & Marcus Cunliffe
    Paperback, 1949. Fair. £5.00

    Suffolk Memories – Stories of Walberswick and Blythburgh people during WW11. Numerous accounts including service in NW Europe, Battle of the Atlantic, North and East Africa, Madagascar, RAF, etc.
    Compiled by David Shirreff and Arthur Sharman
    Paperback, 1999. VG. £4.00


    In All Respects Ready – The Merchant Navy and the Battle of the Atlantic, 1940-45
    Commander Frederick B Watt RCN (R) Retd.
    Paperback, 1986. Fair. £1.50

    Stand By For Action – memoir of service with sloop HMS Black Swan (Narvik), corvette Guillemot and the destroyers Verdun and Ulster on convoy escort off the East Coast, at the Anzio landings and the Normandy invasion.
    Commander William Donald
    Paperback, 1975. Fair. £3.00

    Sticky-Blue! A Boy and a Battleship – memoir of a Boy Bugler on HMS Howe - Signed by the author - Robin Rowe
    Paperback, 1995. VG. £3.00

    Home Front

    Wartime Exeter and East Devon – Archive Photographs Series
    Les Berry and Gerald Gosling
    Paperback, 1996. Fair (creased cover). £1.50
  10. holyboy

    holyboy Member

    War-Time Interlude of a Temporary Soldier 1941-45 – story of FEPOW who served with The Black Watch (T.A.R.O.), attached 5th Bn The Royal Norfolk Regiment
    Forbes Wallace
    Hardback, 1980. Ex. £4.00
    Would love to have this one Matt. Plus if you have anything regarding Railway Operating Companies RE .


  11. Mathsmal

    Mathsmal Senior Member


    Sorry Chris - I am afraid I've sold this one!

    Apologies for not updating the list quickly enough.

  12. Mike L

    Mike L Very Senior Member


    Do you still have 'Fortress Crete' available? If you do PM me your email address.

  13. trustieone

    trustieone New Member

    Hello Matt, I know it has been awhile since this thread started but nothing ventured nothing gained as they say.
    I am looking for a book called :NOW WHERE WAS I : I understand it was self published by L Elgar who was with the Somerset Light Infantry during the Burma campaign.
    Thanks in advance for any assistance you may provide me. My father in Law (mate too) went to many of the same places in Burma as Mr Elgar, both being in the signals school (India I think) at the end of their Burma time.
    Many Thanks
  14. Roy Martin

    Roy Martin Senior Member

    I too have books for sale, too clear a shelf. Can I post here, or should I start a new topic?
  15. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    bespoke it to yourself Roy me old mate then it wont get lost start another thread
  16. Roy Martin

    Roy Martin Senior Member

    Thanks for the advice CL1, will do.
  17. sol

    sol Very Senior Member

    Hi Garry. Sorry for late response. I have Elgar's book in electronic form. Are you still looking for it?
  18. trustieone

    trustieone New Member

    Thanks for your reply Sol,
    YES, YES, YES, My family would absolutely love to have it.
    We are very keen to understand more about the time my mate, and Father in law, Sgt John Rogers spent in Burma with the SLI in 1944.He mentioned places to me "pimple/s", however as a young 20 year old back then (now 66) I did not write his stories down, I now desparately wish I had done so.

    Many Thanks

    My email address is garry.barron@optusnet
  19. sol

    sol Very Senior Member

    It is quite big file so I'll see if I can upload it on my dropbox so you can download it from there. Also I suggest you to remove your email address from your post and use private messages for that kind of info.
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