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    Drop me a PM if you see anything you fancy.

    Prices include UK postage. Overseas postage can be a significant extra. Payment can be made by bank transfer or Paypal (as friends/family or add the 4.5% fees, please).

    RWAFF.jpg RWAFF rear.jpg The History of the Royal West African Frontier Force Haywood & Clarke. Solidly-bound first edition. Dampstaining to exterior of covers only. Clean and quite crisp internally though top of block is a bit dust-stained. Sleeved DJ is quite worn but very nearly whole. £50

    second to none.jpg SOLD Second to None: The Royal Scots Greys 1919-1945. Carver. Pristine DP&G hardback reprint. £55

    11 Armd Div.jpg The Charge of the Bull: The Battles of 11th British Armoured Division for the Bocage, Normandy, 1944. Brisset/Bates. Like new. £20

    WORC R.jpg Worcestershire Regiment 1922-1950. Birdwood. No DJ and some spotting to edges of textblock but clean inside. £12

    TDTD.jpg Thirty Days to Dunkirk: The 1st Battalion, Royal Irish Fusiliers, May 1940. Gough. Very good condition, the worst that can be said is a a bit of wear to the DJ and a small label scar on the front endpaper (wasn’t me!) £15

    RASC.jpg The Story of the Royal Army Service Corps 1939-1945. No DJ but an above-average copy inside and out. Clean internally bar some foxing to the rear endpaper. Some wear to the covers but binding is solid. £55

    52 Div.jpg 52 Div int.jpg SOLD Mountain and Flood. The History of the 52nd (Lowland) Division, 1939-1946. Blake. A well-read copy without the DJ. Clean internally with fold-outs in quite good condition. Rear hinge endpaper has split and there’s a small stain on the edge of the rear endpaper. Fading, wear and staining to covers but gilt titles remain bright. £40

    50 Div.jpg The Path of the 50th: The Story of the 50th (Northumbrian) Division in the Second World War 1939-1945. Clay. Sound first edition copy without DJ. Some wear and marking to covers. Internally clean and crisp, some foxing on the endpapers. £75

    7 Ind Div.jpg 7 Ind Div int.jpg Golden Arrow: The Story of the 7th Indian Division in the Second World War 1939-1945. Roberts. Tidy first edition without DJ. Clean internally with some foxing to endpapers. £60

    6 GR.jpg The Historical Records of the 6th Gurkha Rifles 1919-1948. Gibbs. Another one that shouldn’t be judged by its speckled covers; looks more like a problem with the cloth than damp as the paper is unaffected. Clean and tidy inside including foldout maps. Few stains on the edges of the textblock and light foxing to endpapers. £65

    1 GR.jpg 1 GR damage.jpg The History of the 1st King George V's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Malaun Regiment). Vol. 2 1920-1947. Bellers. Cosmetic dampstaining to top of covers and spine but this hasn’t affected the endpapers let alone the textblock. What has affected the bottom corner of pages 293-298 is someone’s coffee. This has also damaged the Thai corner of the general Burma map facing p296 (ground zero of the strike). The rest of the pages and battle maps are rather clean and crisp with no foxing to speak of. £70

    10 GR.jpg Bugle and Kukri: The Story of the 10th Princess Mary's Own Gurkha Rifles. Mullaly. Fine HB+DJ regimental reprint edition. £40

    War Office Historical Monographs aka Staff Histories aka Red Books:
    All sound ex-institutional-library copies:
    Arty-1600.jpg Development of Artillery Tactics and Equipment £120

    WWJ books.jpg WWJ maps.jpg The War With Japan: This is the 1995 MoD reprint of the RN's six-volume set as four books. This is a set built up from odd ex-ref-lib copies so in rather good nick aside from the usual labels and stamps. The separate and often separated map folders can be a bugger to find, but they are here. £100

    E Lan R.jpg The East Lancashire Regiment 1939-1945. Burden.
    A pristine HB reprint of the original (yes – I succumbed to the temptation of an upgrade) from the now-defunct DP&G stable. £40

    Gren Gds 1.jpg Gren Gds 2.jpg The Grenadier Guards 1939-1945. Forbes Vol I (BEF and NWE) and Nicolson Vol II (Mediterranean).
    No DJs. Both generally clean and crisp with foldout maps and overlays in good order. Some library markings on Vol I’s endpapers and tape residue where dustjacket was taped in. Quite a well-matched pair from different sources. £55

    O2S-1600.jpg From Omaha to the Scheldt: The Story of 47 Royal Marine Commando. Forfar.
    Apart from a nick to the DJ, this one is in almost perfect nick. £35

    FFYeo1-1600.jpg FFYeo2-1600.jpg The Fife and Forfar Yeomanry 1919- 1956; Sellars. Some sunning to tips of spine but otherwise rather nice. Sunned DJ has had a few minor repairs. £50

    Beds Herts 1.jpg Beds Herts 2.jpg The Story of the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment (The 16th Regiment of Foot): Volume I: 1688-1913; Volume II: 1914-1958. Barrow, French and Seabrook. 1986.
    Softcover A4 format, nearly 1200 pages with foldout maps. Moderate shelfwear. Note that I've included postage for these, I suspect most vendors will be levying extra as it's two-and-a-half reams of paper... £50

    SLI-1600.jpg History of the Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert's) 1919-1945. Molesworth.
    An almost pristine copy of the NMP reprint. £12

    WT-1600.jpg Without Tradition: 2 Para 1941-45

    The worst thing that can be said about this is that it's not the same size as all the mostly-Dutch-produced Arnhem battalion histories. This is a very clean and crisp copy. £20

    EFA.jpg Echoes from Arnhem. Golden.
    The author was a Royal Signals officer with 1 Airborne, so adds a professional voice to the tales of poor communications that bedevilled the Red Devils. Clean and crisp. £25

    RACB.jpg The Royal Artillery Commemoration Book 1939-1945. Good condition. £65. Most of that will be postage as it's a beast.

    Northants Yeo.jpg Northants Yeo 1.jpg Northants Yeo 2.jpg 1st and 2nd Northamptonshire Yeomanry 1939-1946. A 1946 original, the covers are dampstained (back is the same as the front) but none has got through to the endpapers; there's no mould that I can see or, more importantly, smell. One significant internal stain that's barely noticeable on the map (yes – all the maps are this bright!). £40

    Herts Yeo-1600.jpg The Hertfordshire Yeomanry Parts 2 and 3
    This book covers their wartime HAA and searchlight units. It's well-illustrated and has some very useful photos of the hardware. Nearly-new condition. £20

    PT.jpg The Proud Trooper: The History of the Ayrshire (Earl of Carrick’s Own) Yeomanry 1798-1964.
    Better known as 151 and 152 (Ayrshire Yeomanry) Field Regiments, RA in the period we’re interested in, covering North-West Europe and the Mediterranean respectively. Clean and bright with just the merest hint of foxing. £18

    LGAW.jpg SOLD Lancashire Gunners at War: The 88th Field Regiment, 1939-1945.
    They got away from Dunkirk but not Singapore. Lightly used PB. £15

    OHIAF - CSEA-1600.jpg Official History of the Indian Armed Forces: Campaigns in South-East Asia. Prasad.
    This is the recently-reprinted Pentagon Press edition. It's an almost new, almost unmarked ex-library copy. Not so heavy on the stategic background as the British official histories, it can concentrate more on the fighting. £18

    RIAF.jpg SOLD Official History of the Indian Armed Forces in the Second World War 1939-45. History of the Indian Air Force, 1933-45; Gupta. First edition, ex-lib. Protected DJ. Clean, solid copy with the usual stamps and labels. £55

    IOH EAC.jpg Official History of the Indian Armed Forces in the Second World War 1939-45. East African Campaign, 1940-41; Prasad. First edition. Patched DJ. Clean, solid copy but significant brown staining from the glue used (appears to be a production issue from other listings), some of which has splashed the edges of the textblock. Foldout maps in good condition. £40

    SOJC-1600.jpg Sons of John Company: The Indian and Pakistan Armies 1903-199
    1; Gaylor. Useful regimental compendium with potted regimental histories. Clean copy. £15

    SLFB.jpg SOLD Some Letters from Burma: The Story of the 25th Dragoons at War. Grounds.
    A pristine copy of the paperback edition. £20

    TTR-1600.jpg SOLD Tank Tracks to Rangoon.
    Classic primer on British and Indian armour in Burma. Early PB in almost-unreferenced condition. £10

    WIFAF.jpg Official History of the Second World War 1939-1945: The War in France and Flanders
    ; Ellis. Decent ex-lib first edition rebound in sand-coloured cloth (Dunkirk – makes sense). Pocketed map at back present , crisp and clean. £25

    OoB.jpg Orders of Battle: United Kingdom and Colonial Formations and Units in the Second World War 1939-1945. Joslen. 2 vols. Tempted by the NMP reprint? Well, this is the 2nd impression 1968. No dustjackets but they've done their job - covers pretty clean with just a few dings. Ex-lib so occasional 'The Southport Public Libraries' stamps throughout and front endpapers removed, otherwise very clean inside. (Don't expect much in the way of colonial formations and units, or British units in colonial formations for that matter; perhaps there was meant to be a third volume?) £40

    KDJG-1600.jpg SOLD Khaki Drill and Jungle Green: British Tropical Uniforms 1939-1945 in Colour Photographs; Brayley/Ingram. Minor blemishes only. £20

    OBH1-1600.jpg OBH2-1600.jpg Omaha Beachhead: 6-13 June 1944. Army Forces In Action Series.
    This is the second - an oldie but goodie and an unusual original, not one of the many reprints. Slight foxing in places but otherwise sound and in good condition, including the maps. Yes, the text is online but you wouldn't be looking if you didn't appreciate real books. £32
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    When you come closer to Sumatra I sure will be interested :D
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    Ok that’s the Appetiser...
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    Hi Idler,

    I’m happy to find a home for the Norfolk’s book.


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    Physically, or subject matter?
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    I'm still deciding on the main courses....
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    Subject my main interest is lost in the Dutch East Indies
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    A few 'new' ones added, a couple of which are significantly closer to Sumatra!
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    Four more on the list.
  10. idler

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    A few more added to the first post
  11. idler

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    New additions in the first post
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    Hi Idler,

    Have you any specifically on the Fall of Singapore? I could be very interested to add to my collection.
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    Christmas is over - you can treat yourselves now!

    The first post has been updated with some new surplus.
  14. Stuart Avery

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    The one below is a different Scots Guards that i have. Which one is the first Edition? Have you seen it before? Not up for sale.

  15. idler

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    That's a smart one. I'm guessing it's a first edition that's been rebound either as a presentation or personal copy. The RAH is probably a clue but no idea what it might mean. I've seen other regimental histories produced in different bindings for presentation or subscribers' copies so it's not too unusual.
  16. Stuart Avery

    Stuart Avery In my wagon & not a muleteer.

    idler, not sure what the RAH means. Had a quick look & i cant see any explanation to what that acronym means.. I've only see reprints of which i stayed away from.. I just assumed that the copy i bought was the original. For those that want to buy a First Edition, then 25 sheets is a cracking price. Either of these copy's do not come up for sale on a regular basis. I've also seen a different binding when it came to the Middlesex Regiment History.

    How are you doing with the re-binding of the books that you have in your rather large collection? I would like you to do one if possible?

  17. idler

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    Nothing as flash as your Scots Guards!
    Done a few recasings now but still not feeling fully confident with allowances as everyone has their own system. I'm not really sure where I sit on the scale. I've done a couple of awkward buggers which needed me to scan, photoshop and reprint endpaper maps - they came out alright. The most recent one hasn't gone as well because lifting the cloth on the covers brought up a layer of the strawboard. It didn't go back down very neatly.

    It'd be good if it falls into the 'can't make it any worse' category - PM me a couple of photos and I'll have a look.
  18. Stuart Avery

    Stuart Avery In my wagon & not a muleteer.

    Any-chance of you selling a original copy of the The Sikh Regiment in the Second World War by F.T. Birdwood if you have a copy?:D

    I will PM you in time regarding the binding. I was going to ask about another, but it may be taking a liberty?:-P

  19. idler

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    The cheapest Sikhs I've ever seen went for a bit over a ton on Ebay - sadly not to me. I am, of course, tempted but mine's hardly original any more after its rebacking - I wouldn't want to take advantage .
    Still, at least NMP have reprinted it.
  20. idler

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    Added some of the hard stuff this time...
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