Booklist - British/Commonwealth Military Vehicles.

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    If you want technical histories, P. M. Knight has done four very detailed volumes on the Covenanter, Crusader, Challenger, and Comet. Self-published through Search Results -

    And Canadian Roger Lucy has written "Canada's Pride - the Ram Tank and its Variants" which I reckon covers everything there is to know about the Ram. Expensive, but it's a pretty big hardcover.
    Canada’s Pride – the Ram Tank and its Variants
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    OK here's something else I turned up although I'm not sure how technical it is. Peter Beale (who also wrote a book about 9 RTR) wrote a book called Fallen Sentinel about the Australian cruiser tank program.

    And he also wrote one about British tanks called (ugh) Death By Design (1998) which was mentioned earlier.

    Whether these are GOOD or not I do not know.
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    SInce this thread started there is also -

    Sherman Crab Flail Tank, David Fletcher, ISBN978-1-84603-084-0
    Crusader and Covenanter Tanks 1939-1945, David Fletcher, ISBN 978-1-85532-512-8
    British Battle Tanks: British-made tanks of World War II, David Fletcher, ISBN 978-1-47282-003-7
    British Battle Tanks: American-made tanks of World War II, David Fletcher, ISBN 978-1-47282-006-8
    Soviet Lend-Lease Tanks of World War II, Steven J. Zaloga, ISBN 978-1-47281-813-3
    Churchill Tanks: British Army, North-West Europe 1944-45, Dennis Oliver, ISBN 978-1-52671-088-8

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