Bonchaung, Meza, Indaw, Thigiang. Chindit Op Areas Today.

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    Hello All,
    I recently visited Myanmar [Burma] and had the opportunity and local assistance to visit towns and villages in Katha District; that are closely associated with Operation "Loincloth" and "Thursday".
    When in the towns of Katha and Indaw; I was surprised at the interest that the town folk had about the "Chindits". Even in much remoter Thigiang and Meza, there were people, interested and helpful to assist with reaching Bonchaung.
    Enjoy and correspond if you have queries.
    Warm Regards
    Vivian Rodrigues, Perth, Western Australia.

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    Thanks Vivian for posting about your visit to all these places of Chindits interest. You already know the value of your findings and photographs to my research into Chindit 1, Operation Longcloth. It is great to see places where I know that my own grandfather took part in actions against the Japanese occupation in 1943.

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