Bomber Command Loss Cards **Now On-Line**

Discussion in 'The War In The Air' started by Skintman1, May 12, 2013.

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    Looks good!

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    It indeed does work now! Thanks a lot!

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    Well done Dom see you on the Support the Bomber Command Memorial Facebook page :D
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    Hi Fred

    Thank you veryu much very kind of you to do that

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    Hi, Dom, very useful site and I just hope the info isn't copied by a less altruistic site, using all your hard work.
    Have you watermarked the pages or otherwise taken steps to avoid it being plagiarised?

    I had a look for Wellington 1c R1392 coded NZ-N of 304 Squadron lost on the night of 27/8th May 1941 after attacking shipping in Boulogne harbour.
    I couldn't see it but that might just be me, so if it is there, could you PM the page link to me?

    As background, two of the Polish crew baled out but the Wellington crashed near Darwell Hole in East Sussex.
    Stanislaw Jozefiak, one of the two survivors is still alive in Derby and came back and personally built a memorial to his crew mates.

    The Ceremony of Remembrance is being held this year at 3pm on Sunday May 26th with Battle RBL, civic dignitaries, RAFA and our own ATC (304 Flight, same as Sqdn) and the Polish Association attending. It's on the north side of the B2096 just west of the White Hart Inn Netherfield.
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    Hi Kevin

    Ive just checked the lose cards and i'm sorry i dont seem to have R1392

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    Thanks Fred
    I may be able to pick up more information on Sunday.
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    Hello Kevin,

    I thought you had found my site and so, I really thought you had this information. I do not have the crash cards but I do have a Police report and much more - including a lot of information on the crew. Battle Police originally thought that Sgt Jozefiak and Sgt Nilski were German airmen but they very quickly got help for them when they realised they were Poles! I will email the information I have directly to you - today. I will be updating the blog tonight with new information, after which I can post a link here, if anyone is interested.

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    Neville (or should that be Moses, able to produce water from the rock 900ft up a hill?)
    Thanks, I do have the Police reports etc but I just wanted to sort the wheat from the chaff.
    Stan came down near Heathfield, not HATfield as some reports mention and baling out over Kent doesn't make much sense.

    Appreciate your help and just dotting "t"'s and crossing "i"'s!!!!
    Just getting everything ready for Sunday service of remembrance.
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    Are there Loss Cards available for aircraft which crashed in the Mediterranean area as well?
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    Thank you Pieter for giving this thread a well deserved bump.

    Have just spent a few minutes and found my late brother's Lancaster report again with no problems whatsoever.


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    I think it should be there if it was a Bomber Command operation .... if you can provide a serial number and date I will check my records for you.


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    Thank you I have tried to make it as simple as possible for all to use, If you would like the full size copy of the loss card PM me your email and i will send it to you

    I also have the night raid reports for that period, just not had the time to get them all on line yet

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    Hi Dom,

    I can't find the loss card for Wellington Z1410 (142 Sqdn - lost on 1/2 June 1942).
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    Hi Pieter F

    Ive checked through all the cards for that time period and i dont have one fr this a/c it could be as she crashed at Thoresby Bridge.

    From Chorleys BCL Vol 3 page 113

    1-2 June 1942
    142 Sqd Wellington IV Z1410 QT- Z Op : Essen

    P/O D P McDonald RCAF +, Sgt R L Cox RCAF +, Sgt Sleeman +, Sgt A Smith +, Sgt W T Stanley +, Sgt C M Harrison inj,

    T/o 23.02 Grimsby, Turned back with failing engines and crashed 00.22 at Thoresby Bridge, bursting into flames on impact. Sgt Stanley has no known grave.

    You could try the Canadian records with two of the crew being RCAF they may have some details.

    You could also try RAF Hendon to see if they may have a card for this A/c

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    The service files for Donald Patrick McDonald and Robert Leith Cox are now fully scanned and available for viewing on

    McDonald's file contains a copy of a Form 765
    The survivor is named as Sgt C H J Harrison 1256606

    narative from that report includes:

    section 11:
    "From the evidence of the wreckage, the aricraft struct the ground port wing down and skidding to port. The port airscrew was found feathered and oil on the port tail plane indicated port engine failure. The oil filters of this engine 6106/252373 were examined and it was found to contain a quantity of lead and silver particles. This indicates a bearing failure with possible connecting rod failure. The crash is, therefore, presumed to be due to failure of the port engine."

    "part A. This accident occured at night at 0022 hrs. 2.6.42 before the moon had risen. The weather was fine and visibility reasonable.
    part B: The accident took place 3 miles from North Coates, Fittes aerodrome and 5 mles from Grimsby aerodrome. Flare paths were laid out at both aerodromes and it is not understood why the pilot did not attempt to land at one of them.
    Part B: One engine of the aircraft, evidently the port, gave trouble soon after take off on an operational sortie. the pilot had carried out the most difficult task of flying out to sea with his bombs and jettisoning them.
    Part C: I consider that this accident was due to the pilot being unable to maintain height on one engine for a long enough period to reach the nearest aerodrome. As he had crossed the coast and passed over North Coates aerodrome the reason for him not doing this must necessarily remain obscure."

    Section 13. Remarks by Station Commander
    "it is possible that the pilot attempted to turn to port or even released the pressure on his right leg through fatigue. There is an urgent need for a strap to the starboard rudder pedal as suggested in my letter 142/16/Air dated 27.5.42"
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    Interestingly he had changed his name in Vancouever in October 1940 from Maurice Stout Jr to Donald Patrick McDonald.

    Born Thebes, Illinois, 9 Feb 1916.

    When his father died his mother and himself took her maiden name as surname.
    Son of Maurice Stout and Mary Helen McDonald, later Ricketts
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    I think he, like I am hoping that we are talking about one day adding the North Africa and Mediterranean (Italian) Theaters of War. Right? (Fingers Crossed...)

    In my wildest dreams, SEAC / CBI some day too. Possible Dom? (aka Skintman1.)

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