Bomber Command Loss Cards **Now On-Line**

Discussion in 'The War In The Air' started by Skintman1, May 12, 2013.

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    A lot of hard work there, thanks for sharing.


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  3. PsyWar.Org

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    Very nice work Dom and a great resource.

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  4. Skintman1

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    Thanks Pete & Lee

    its getting there slowly.. looking at the form 78's now

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  5. MalcolmII

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    The loss card for 24th August 1943 appears to be missing or it could be just me! My late Aunt's brother was killed over Berlin that date.

    Lancaster Mk. III JA927 (Squadron code 'OL', individual aircraft code 'O'),is recorded as taking off 20.20hrs from RAF Wyton on op to Berlin. It was hit by flak and crashed about Nachst Neuendorf, 3 km NW of Zossen. All seven crew were killed and are buried at Berlin War Cemetery.

    The crewlist:
    P/O J A Reid - Pilot
    Sgt A E Best - Co-pilot/ Engineer
    P/O A J E Brown - Navigator
    P/O W Wardrop - W op
    Sgt P T Beszant - Air Gunner
    F/Sgt S Hatton - Air Gunner
    Sgt A Cousins - Air Gunner

    P/O Brown's position in the list indicates he was Navigator, as his CWGC record confirms.
    83 Sqdn lost one other Lancaster that night, ED984:OL-A, with a very
    experienced and much decorated crew who had amassed 330 ops between them.
    There was only one survivor. But these were the squadron's first losses since 24 June.

    For Bomber Command as a whole, it was a very bad night, the highest single night of losses in the war to date. 727 aircraft were despatched to Berlin, Lancasters, Halifaxes and Stirlings, and 17 path marker Mosquitoes. 56 aircraft, all heavy bombers, failed to return.

    Information from vol 4 of 'RAF Bomber Command Losses....' and 'The Bomber
    Command War Diaries'.
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    Hi MalcolmII

    Thanks fopr pointing that out i'm away for a week so i will look into it when i get back.

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    My fault, he is down in " 17th - 23rd August 1943" CWGC give 24th August. It gives some more detail for the family tree. Thank you for putting these cards up.
    Much appreciated.
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    Hi MalcolmII

    Thanks for letting me know i will still look into the 24th anyhow :)

    No problem in putting them up it opens another resourse for researchers and saves waiting a few weeks for Hendon to send a copy

    Now working on the Form 78's

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  9. Joe Brown

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    It is a tremendous resource and technically excellent.

    Thanks for making it available.


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    Thanks Joe..

    Note to all,

    I have had a couple of glitches which ive corrected , no idea why .. so if you find any probs please let me know,

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    Great stuff.
    More power to everyone who's making records like this more easily available.
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    A great resource Joe. Thanks a lot!
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    Was told there was a problem with August '43

    no idea whay so ive redone it completly and reuploaded all working now

    Thanks all for the positve feedback :salut:

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    1st - 16th July 1942 won't load any further than 20%.
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    Excellent resource, thank you.
  16. CL1

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    Many thanks for the information

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    Hi Pieter

    Ive redone and uploaded this file again .. should be working now ........ 5 not working out of 279 .. i dont think thats too bad :pipe:

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    good day skinman1.may 12. 2013, command loss cards "now on line".just watched your link.theres plenty to read and see.a very informative post,thank you for sharing,have a good day,bernard85
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    Good morning to You Bernard85

    & Thank you for your comments

  20. Ron Goldstein

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    Just spotted this thread so I looked up losses for the 15/16th March 1945 and found this report on my dear brother Jack's Lancaster, shot down over Nuremberg.

    Many thanks for posting this item

    Best regards


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