Bomber Command - Lancaster crew lists?

Discussion in 'General' started by NRJ260599, May 16, 2015.

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    A real stab in the dark this but is there an accessable database that holds names of all the brave men that served during WW2. A girl I sit next to in work told me last week that he 90 year Grandad was part of a Lancaster crew during WW2.
    She has been able to give me his name only so if there is something I can access can someone let me know?

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    Well, other Pals may know better, but I'd recommend she apply for his Service Records.
    Does she know which Squadron he served with, as presumably he did survive the War!
    Name may help us root out a little of his background, plus any other helpful details such as Service Number, when/where born, parents names or whatever else she has.
    Service records would be the most logical place to start, costs £30 and takes a few moths but we have many Pals here who can sort through all the acronu#yms to make a coherent tale for her.
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    one outside chance, and it did happen a lot, is Bomber Command Losses either cd or paper version. if a plane was lost, shot and ditched or crashed on take off, landing or practice flights the crew were listed. best with a cd version as you can 'ctrl f' and search his name.
    another option may be if he is a member of Bomber Command Association or the Aircrew Association
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