Bombardier 802675 Harold PORTER - Rape ??

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    Bombardier 802675 Harold PORTER
    3rd Medium Regiment, Royal Artillery - Died in Italy on Tuesday 13 June 1944

    He is buried with
    Gunner 994132 Tomas William Newick

    Their CWGC papers contain the following

    “The 2 above unknowns were concentrated from M.R. 865127 (Poggio Mirteto). Both bodies had traces of draws cellulars and K.D. shorts. No other type of clothing was found. Both were wearing a type of leather belt. Traces of hair were found on the pieces of skull of No. 2, it was long and of a darkish shade. No. 2 was without doubt the remains of a large well built man. It was noted however that both skulls were broken into several pieces and the results were not the normal decomposition due to age. The bodies were buried very deep, approximately 9 feet, and were buried so close together in parts it was difficult to separate No. 1 from No. 2.
    Ramazzotti was very disinclined to disclose any information and one look at his wife immediately removed all suspicion of rape.”

    From the above it appears (to me, anyway) that something untoward has happened. The men are buried 9 feet down and their skulls had been shattered.

    Does anyone have the 3rd Medium Regiment war diary by any chance or have any idea what may have occurred here ??



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