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  1. Owen

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    Been lent a Boer War era Soldier's Bible from 1900.
    Sent by Albert Cook of the Wilts Regt back home to his "Dear Kate."
    Parent's of Sidney Arkell's wife, (see my other thread on 287 Italian Labour Bn.)
    Has anyone a copy of this Bible with a cover in good condition, this one is rather tatty.
    All the red printing has worn off.
    I'll also contact The Wardrobe to see what they have on AH Cook.

    Edit, found one with a better cover.
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  2. Paul Reed

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    Nice, I have a couple from that period but not one with that cover.
  3. Owen

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    As you can see from these photos our friends example hasn't survived in such good condition.
    It is posstble just to make out the pattern of the cover.
    It is also just possible to read "AH Cook Wilts Regt" onone of the pages .
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]



    CROONAERT Ipsissimus

    Here's my Gt.Grandad's (10th Hussars 1899-1902), Owen.

    Another (privately purchased) version. I find it an odd thibg for him to have kept in all reality as he was about as religious as I am!!!!


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  5. Paul Reed

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    One Great War veteran once told me they always took free bibles when offered as the pages were made of fine paper, which converted to making roll-ups very well indeed!
  6. sapper

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    The Link?
    Am I the only Veteran that had a good friend that fought in the Boer war? The Great war and was asked to put on uniform again to help out in WW2? A great friend. A friendship I valued greatly back in hospital in 1945.

    He died many long years ago, just after the war I was supposed to get his medals,,,I never did.
    RSM Humphrey's .....Bless His memory.
  7. Owen

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  8. Paul Reed

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    I remember in the early 1980s talking to the current Lord Kitchener who was just off to attend the last reunion of the Boer War Veterans Association; so there were still some alive then.

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