Blade Force 17th/21st Lancers actions Nov 24,25,26

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    Army At Dawn doesn't say much about what the Lancers were doing with their Valentines while Waters' Stuarts were shooting up planes, Semoventes and Pz IVs. I've searched here and on the web unsuccessfully. I saw "Mudgrunt" was working on something in 2014. Any help or a description of their actions would be appreciated.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    The "war diary":
    "Enemy tanks reported moving south from Bordi Gui
    Lt U.S. tanks withdrew slowly on to 17/21 L – tank battle developed and ended in 16 of 17 enemy tanks destroyed”

    This makes it sound like the Lancers defeated the German column and that Waters' tanks fell back. Every other account I can find (Army at Dawn, Ibiblio US Army in WW2, warfarehistorynetwork) says 1 Bn 1 Armored Reg Co A & B destroyed that column and the Lancers were weren't even there. As I said, I looked at the relevant threads on this site and found nothing addressing the Lancers dispositions. I'd hate to have to buy the Lancers book not even knowing if it gives detailed locations on 25Nov42.
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    I consolidated everything I've been able to find in all the threads here and elsewhere. If anyone has any interest, please watch and comment. Warning, very low production quality.

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