Bill Tutte Memorial.

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    Bill Tutte: The unsung codebreaking hero of World War Two

    [SIZE=1.077em]He managed to decipher a secret Nazi code without seeing the machine responsible and is thought of by many as a hero, but Bill Tutte is by no means a household name. As a memorial is unveiled in his honour, BBC news looks at the man credited with shortening World War Two.[/SIZE]
    Richard Youlden says it was never much fun playing the board game Mastermind with his great uncle, Bill Tutte.

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    good day von poop.adaministrator.15th april tutt memorial.a true quiet man,deserving of a memorial.he must have saved many lives,may he rest in peace.regards bernard85. :poppy: :poppy:
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    I see Bill Tutte Memorial every day in Newmarket. Its also where Special Duties Sqns were along with Stradishall before they moved to Tempsford

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