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    hi folks... some help required please...
    Artillery guns, circa 1944 namely “7.2inch” and the “155mm” as used by the battery’s of 1 heavy regt throughout their busy tour of Europe.
    Could do with links to a site/s with spec and pics please. When I searched, I seemed to come up with conflicting pics / specs, mainly about the 155mm. Would much appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction.
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    The 7.2 inch howitzer was a stop gap development of the WW1 8 inch Howitzer to make it suitable for more mobile warfare. It's proper designation was B.L. 7.2-Inch Howitzer, Marks I, I*, II, III and IV. Try using some combination of this in your search.

    155mm was a very 'popular' calibre - the equivalent of 6 inch. I have a French 155mm brass cartridge case dated from 1917 in my hearth. Everybody used 155s in WW2. The Allies had 155mm howitzers and also long guns of the same calibre. If you could identify the heavy regt it might help.
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    True but there appears to be a bot that has become associated with it that can give problems. I think that it's a simple tracker but some shields etc take fright so I'm hesitant to post a link to it
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    A definite second for the above link. Re the 155-mm, as alluded to, there were both 155-mm howitzers and 155-mm guns, which despite the calibre were very different weapons. As it's a NWE RA Heavy Regt you're looking at, they would use the 155-mm gun, which was a US piece (the M1A1). You may inadvertently be findings results for the 155-mm howitzer (M1). A Heavy Regt normally had two Btys of 7.2-in hows and two Btys of 155-mm guns, with four guns/hows of the relevant type in each Bty.

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    I did, in the original post... ( used by the battery’s of 1 Heavy Regt throughout their busy tour of Europe....)
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    Ah - if you'd typed 1 Heavy Regiment RA that would have been clearer. I assumed because you hadn't capitalised it etc it meant a heavy regiment of something or other.
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    In addition, in 1943 a few 7.2-inch Howitzer Mks I to IV were mounted on the U.S. M1 carriage (used for their 155-mm gun and 8-inch howitzer) becoming the Mk 5 in British service. During 1943 an entirely new 7.2-inch howitzer mounted on the M1 carriage was developed, increasing the range by about two miles, becoming the Mk 6. This may be one at the beginning of MARKET GARDEN.

    The picture links on this data sheet illustrate the two distinct carriages that were used.

    Also useful:
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