Beware .....The spiders are getting bigger !

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Ron Goldstein, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. Za Rodinu

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    I hate insects in general and all of them in particular! I went scouting for a flying field this weekend and got bitten by some &%$#*»^> Fokker that walked up inside my trouser leg up to my belt and took a sample every couple of centimeters and that's litteral! My leg is a swollen, infected mess and I'm half-drowsed with the anti-histaminics!

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    Weird Bugs

    As a treeplanter in north west Canada for many years I had my fair share of encounters with unusual bugs of one kind or another. After a run it was not uncommon to see the native chap I was working with staring down in deep contemplation at something that attracted his attention. I'd think what the hell is he looking at now? On inspection it was generally some weird mufti-coloured bug-eyed thing never seen before by yours truly and I suspect by science in general ... :lol:
  3. Za Rodinu

    Za Rodinu Hot air manufacturer

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    Biting back: Taking the sting out of spider venom

    Sadly? !!
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    Venom is milked from thousands of brown spiders before being injected into horses. This triggers an immune response that creates life-saving anti-venom for humans - while drastically reducing the horses' own lifespan.

    Dare I say the Gee Gee's then end up in our burgers :)
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    I do not think that I wish to get so Close to make a physical examination.

    When the Kids or her who must be obeyed, howl that there is a big Spider somewhere in the house, it is me that must deal with it.

    I do not need to know the sex before disposal!

  8. dbf

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    :D I agree Tom.

    Best mother's day present ever was one of these grabbers.
    I don't mind spiders outside; they're just horrible in the house.

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    Got a wasp nest problem?
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    Must be in Manitoba!

    Entomology is a bit of a hobby of mine (although it doesn't formally include spiders - that's arachnology)...used to raise Praying Mantids, which like spiders tend to solve the fly/mosquito issues around the place. And no chandelier would be complete without some webbing to make it appear authentic and give it character.

    Although I must say I do dislike walking into those strings of spider silk that are often stretching across trails and paths - at exactly mouth or eye level :)

    For your viewing pleasure - a couple little guys I raised a while back.


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    It was actually trying to mate with you. :)
  13. Za Rodinu

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    Sorry, I didn't want to look insensitive. Were you thinking of something in this line?
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    He has terrible tusks, and terrible claws, And terrible teeth in his terrible jaws...
  15. jacksun

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    Looks exactly like my old boss on a good morning VP :)
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    Could be worse

    World's deadliest spiders nesting on my banana from Sainsbury's: Family forced to spend three nights in hotel and have property fumigated after Brazilian species invaded their home
    After sending a photograph of the insects to pest control experts, she was told they were suspected to be Brazilian wandering spiders, one of the world’s most venomous types, whose bite can kill within two hours.
    And worse still, her home could now be infested. The female of the species can grow to have a leg span of 6in.
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    not a bug, but...big
    [​IMG]a bug, but a pest...


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