Beware .....The spiders are getting bigger !

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Ron Goldstein, Sep 12, 2010.

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    I don't know why I tortured myself by reading all of that!!!!

    I was once told that there are an average of 1500 spiders in each household in the UK. I can't sleep if I know that there is one lurking around - the other 1499 are the stuff of nightmares!
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  3. marcus69x

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    Now that would give me nightmares. There was a huge one on our bed the other night - I saw it out the corner of my eye climbing over Kelley's shoulder. I jumped out the bed horizontally and nearly scared the dog to death in the process.
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    It's been proposed that over a lifetime the average number of spiders accidentally consumed, by a human whilst sleeping, is six. I don't know whether to be disgusted or pleased about that.
  5. marcus69x

    marcus69x I love WW2 meah!!!

    I've read that too Diane, but apparantly they're the little tiny ones that fly about in the breeze, as opposed to the big hairy loft spider types, which makes me feel a little bit better. The shed by the way is a no go area for me.
  6. dbf

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    Each year I even name 2 regulars at the kitchen window Oskar and Boris.

    I'm even fine with any spider outside or up to a certain size indoors.

    A spider indoors above the size of a 1p piece inside and I get a visceral reaction; the small ones are brought outside by myself.

    Once while travelling by car down motorway, one very large spider was observed crawling its way on the ceiling to above my head ... I really was prepared to jump out the door. One of the kids recovered enough from their hysterical laughter to retrieve the spider and chuck it out the window.

    I do not like spiders, but so long as the big ones stay outside I can cope. My family however, delight in torturing me with sightings.
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    neg reps. :p
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    neg reps. :p

    Unlucky my full 27 points of pos rep will outdo your neg rep to Adam

    I love spiders me cos they eat nasty germ carrying flies.
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    I love spiders me cos they eat nasty germ carrying flies.
    Ditto. Fascinating things (from a distance). Have blue blood and hydraulic legs and webs stronger than steel. Largest I found in the house I could actually hear it walk over the wallpaper (probably my dodgy wallpapering though)
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    My old Sergeant bought a bunch of Bananas, which came with a family of spiders, they starburst around his house and it took him months to get rid of them - bloody hilarious the stories he told us (although he wasnt nearly as amused as us).

    Nigel - if you're reading this, I recall WW1 was your area - hope they're still keeping you awake at night....

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    I bloody hate Spiders, but since my trip to Australia i've been able to see Spiders in the UK in a different light and not absolutely annihilate them with a shoe the second i see one. It occurred to me when out in Aus that they have Spiders that are genuinely very dangerous and sometimes me and my girlfriend slept in places where seeing one was a major risk and it often kept me awake at night. Upon return to the UK I actually chuckled to myself at the first spider I saw because it just seem to insignificant to me, and really I no longer have a particular fear of the ones we get over here anymore. God forbid I ever go back to Australia and wake up with a huntsman on my face. Ever seen someone punch themselves in the face?

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    Here is one in my garden.

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    Za .........

    Them's my sentiments exactly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Drew thats a tiny poison sack on Spider man :)

    to mix military with spiders you gotta feel for those boys that served out in the desert during the war then...and now they have to be wary when sleeping on the ground. or wake to have one of these wee beasties on your face


    Camel Spider...although titled as a spider, i believe it is more closely related to the scorpion family.....either way yyyyyyEEEEEEaaaaaaaaaaaaKKKKKKK !
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